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Leadville and a little love 30


First, the little love:

I gotta thank First Endurance for supporting our Speedgoat 50k.  We went through 16 cannisters of EFS drink on the course, and a whopping 10 cannisters of Ultragen at the finish line!  My only complaint is that too many people said a few days later that they are already recovered.  I guess when you give 80% of the field some recovery gold at the finish line, you’re gonna hear that.  I guess next year I’ll make the course tougher, if I can find another nice, steep hill.

We had 134 prizes to give out, some were not given due to 47 folks not showing up on race morning, I hope I didn’t scare them away.  These prizes will go back in the prize pool for next year.

Drymax gave everyone a pair of socks.  That alone is a sweet deal!

Ultraspire donated 50 handhelds, and 250 Speedgoat 50k bottles to fill with Ultragen at the finish.

Ryders Eyewear donated 30 pairs of Sunglasses.  Most sunglass companies might donate a couple pair.

Needless to say, I thnk we’re on to something here…..

Back to Business..In short summary, the Leadville 100 has a strong enough field to make it competitive up front on the mens side, the womens side has a few fast women, but it’ll end up being a 2-3 woman race.  For the men, it’ll be 4-5 guys after mile 50 still in it.  And they would be:

1.  Timmy Parr.  Fastest of the bunch on shorter stuff, and has won it before in mid 17’s

2.  Jeff Browning.  He’s textbook, and will run strong to the finish.

3. Ryan Burch.  If he’s fresh, and feels good, he could steal it.

4. Mike Arnstein.  I think he won Vermont recently, his only deal will be the altitude which he’s not really used to, depends when he arrived in Leadville.

5. Neal Gorman.  He’s got the textbook in his pocket too, but not quite as fast as Browning.

6. Dan Barger.  Close, but not close enough.

7. Oz Pearlman.  Yah, he’s fast, but better at shorter stuff.  Altitude could play a factor.

8. Allen Bellshaw.  Can he rekindle the speed?

9. Kevin Koch.  He’s due.

10. Jason Schlarb.  He’s easily due to run top 5


1.  Liz Howard.  Definately the one to beat, but will the altitude affect this Texan?

2 & 3.  Ronda Sundermeier and Jenny Capel should duke it out for 2nd and 3rd.

4. Megan Morrissey.  Looking to pick up a podium spot, and I believe from Colorado which could ultimately work very much in her favor.

That’s all I got on the race, and as I said before, my site is currently under construction, and will be all new soon, it’s getting closer.  Hey, these things take time.  :-)

How am I doing?   How’s my back? (as if I haven’t heard that before)    My report is simple. I am not running yet.  I am not going to France for UTMB :-(.   I am likely not running a race this fall.  Sure, it sounds bleak, but it’s not as bad as one may think.

For the past week and a half, I’ve been hiking around Alta and Snowbird at a clip of almost 4mph.  It’s all been walking with a few short sections of what one may call a jog.  I did get a cortisone shot 11 days ago and it seems to be helping somewhat, it has not been the miracle cure, but has helped some.   I have been using my Black Diamond Z-Poles for stability and that really helps me move along pretty quick.  For the next 2-3 months, I would not expect to be seen at a race….but who knows,  in 2000 I had a bulging disc in June, didn’t run all summer, then this happened.   I guess I’ll just keep walking and walking some more.

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  1. Rob Timko says:

    Is Jason Schlarb running? I thought he was overseas.

  2. Dave T. says:

    What, no love for Dylan Bowman?

  3. George Zack says:

    I don’t think Schlarb is in. He is deployed in the Middle East and not making the trip back as far as I know.

    Dylan Bowman will be in contention

  4. JMock says:

    Arnstein won the Leadville 10K last weekend, so he’s there at least a week in advance.

    You didn’t include Duncan Callahan! Apparently he had some registration details to work out, but he is racing.

  5. JMock says:

    Liza Howard isn’t racing either.

  6. footfeathers says:

    Liza’s out.
    Bowman took 3rd last year.
    Defending champ, Callahan is running.
    we wrote up a preview (

    Great to hear you’re getting out there. Was looking forward to seeing you at Bear.

  7. George Zack says:

    Also consider Sweeney.

  8. karlmeltzer says:

    Missed Dylan Bowman….

    Wasn’t sure about Sweeney. I saw he was not from NY, so I thought it might be a different Sweeney. whoops.

    I didn’t see Duncan’s name on the list, so assumed he bailed, but yah, he’s the favorite to win in front of Timmy Parr if he starts.

    They are always off the cuff, so I look at the list and roll with it.

    If Arnstein has been there since last Friday or Saturday, chances are the altitude will affect him more than he thinks. But that’s just my experience with acclimatization. One week=bad, two weeks=enough.

  9. CJ says:

    Ryan Sandes (S. Africa) will be a factor as well. He’s won the 4 Deserts races and he’s also a Salomon runner. WS (Killian) and Hardrock (Chlorier) were also won by Salomon runners.

  10. CJ says:

    Sandes has also been in CO since early July so he’ll be well acclimated. In my opinion, there’s no doubt Salomon is making an intentional run at all the Big Ultras in the U.S. and abroad

  11. Brad K says:

    It might be interesting to see how John Dennis does. He recently won Umstead in 14:07

  12. kurt decker says:

    Man what about Salomon’s Ryan Sandes? My $$ is on him. Paced at Hardrock so he has been in CO. for some time!!!

  13. Mike says:


    I was wondering if you question whether the Hoka’s could be a contributor to your back/sciatic condition. Just curious as I have recently started running in Hoka’s, and I love them, sure ease foot and lower leg pain, but I have noticed some unusual minor soreness in the lower back/butt that I didn’t notice wearing other shoes.

  14. karlmeltzer says:

    Mike, I don’t have sciatica. :-)

    The condition I have is related to the bulging disc I had in 2000. Hokas did not exist then. Injuries happen, and if we try to blame them on shoes, mud, traction, poor footing, worn out soles, pronation, eating bad food. I think you get he picture. The shoes had about as much influence as they did when I broke my arm last year when I was wearing hokas.

    If you don’t know the story on that, I was climbing over a dead tree and fell backwards, the shoes made no difference there, and had no influence on my injury now.

    Ryan Sandes is getting some love. He’s one of the guys I didn’t know, cuz’ I do it off the cuff, which is why I’m not changing anything. He will do well, no doubt.

  15. James Brennan says:

    Karl, hope you get in some golf and enjoy some good food. You have enough passions to enjoy the downtime. I am lobbying for duncan callahan followed by Gorman. Gorman was close to you on MMT100, Arnstein didnt like the roots at Rocky Raccoon. I think Arnstein the fruitarian and Josh Animal Camp Dennis will battle it out for top 10 placements. great runners, but they both excel at fast and flat.

    Hokas are more comfortable than slippers and flip flops around the house. you should ask them to make a hoka house cruiser without laces like old school driving shoes.

    • Brad K says:

      Leadville is a runners course, yes? Lots of runnable sections and not much technical stuff. so runners like Arnstein and Dennis could do well. I think it will be interesting to see how they do. (and by the way, it’s not Josh, but his brother John who is running LT and won Umstead)

  16. James Brennan says:

    sorry, meant John Dennis. John, his brother, is who won umstead and did well at oil creek and mohican.

  17. Rob Youngren says:

    Get well soon Karl! I too am sidelined for the next 2-3 months with a stress fracture to my heel (right where your plantar fasciia attaches to the heel). It wasn’t from hammering Badwater either but a couple weeks later offroad unicycling on the Slickrock trail in Moab!! Came off the uni (as is typical, hey that’s a tough trail!) and landed hard on my right heel and POW! Probably didn’t help that I continued to ride (well I had to get back to the trailhead) nor that I rode the next day and kept aggravating it! But I thought it was a bad heel bruise (stone bruise) as I’ve had lot’s of trauma do my right heel since my youth (skate/snow boarding, BMX, etc…). FWIW, the Bondi B’s worked awesome at Badwater and I really think they played a huge role in my successful race there. Now, ironically, they make the perfect companion to the cam walker boot I have to wear! ha! :)

  18. K. Martin says:

    What about Wyatt Hornsby (winner of the ’09 Mohican 100)? He lives in Denver now and is really focused on this race!

  19. Julie says:

    Hey Karl, sorry to hear your back has flared up. I’m suffering my first bout with herniated discs. I have 2 apparently, upper spine, C5/6/7 Non runners are quick to tell me I ran myself into the ground . Give me a break.Well who knows-I’m active, could be ultras, triathlons, lifting…who knows? Wear and tear. Doing PT and steroids now, lots of walking and a bit of slow jogging. We’ll heal up and be ready to roll. Take it easy.

  20. karlmeltzer says:

    Julie, non runners always say that. :-) Shall I go get a desk job, perhaps a doctorite degree so I can make lots of money and carry it to the grave? Nope, I’ll just do what I like to do, just like you.

    We will get better.

    I didn’t want to make Wyatt nervous by putting him on my list. :-) He will run well.

    • Andy Mc Breen says:

      Great attitude concerning taking money to the grave.
      Anyway, Did You here about Jennifer Pharr Davis and the new AT speed record? Unbelieveable ?? Wow !!! Now when Your recovered You’ll have to give it a shot.

  21. kate says:

    karl – as one of those people tied to a desk all day and working weekends at the running store to pay for my trail habit – please know your lifestyle is envied!

    any suggestions for leaving this desk behind for good would be much appreicated! :)

  22. Scott Smoot says:

    No mention of Dan Vega as a possible threat to break into the top ten? Hmm

  23. Tim says:

    little off subject BUT Matt Carpenter wins the PPM (again)by 15 minutes at age 47, whoa. Too bad he never got the 100 mile bug, especially after his insane Leadville 100 record time

  24. StephenJ says:

    If you want to make the Speedgoat harder, how about moving the Pacific Mine aid station a mile in so that there is no out-and-back part, and then use those two miles to send us back up to Gad 2 when we are just about to the bottom? Except for the tunnel, the out-and-back part to Pacific Mine is the flattest part of the race.
    Speedgoat 50K: It’s all downhill. Except for the uphill parts.

  25. michael menard says:

    I was in the middle of the VT 100, feeling nice and happy in my Hokas’, and this guy pulls up to me and says, “Man, those are some ugly shoes”. So, I turned to him with a smile, and said, “That’s not what your Mother said!” Ha! We had a good laugh, and then I looked down at his feet, and of course, he was wearing Hokas’, as well. James “Speedy” Brennan, is right! There should be a Hoka shoe to walk around the house in. :)

  26. CJ says:


    What is it with so many top American ultrarunners dropping from races on such a regular (so it seems) basis? Not just the UTMB but other key races throughout the past year or two.

  27. CJ, my excuse for dropping….bulging disc, I can’t really speak for the rest of my comrades, but it was a tough one at Mt. Blanc. Glad I didn’t get involved at this point.