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Speedgoat 50k course “modification”. :-) 30


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any harder…..think again!   I just finished working on a new “idea” I had.  I was out running yesterday and figured it would be safer for 300 runners to ascent  Baldy from the Mineral Basin side, instead of descending down the nasty, rocky, Chausy chute.  So, instead of running over to Baldy at mile 9, we will descend via the Bookends singletrack (the way we came back up to the tunnel in 2011) to Larry’s Hole, run the “Mary Ellen Loop” as always, back to Larry’s Hole.   And here’s the fun part,  a 1900′ climb in 1.3 miles to the summit of Baldy at about mile 22 ish, instead of the tame singletrack up the Bookends.  We’ll reach the Tunnel aid station after traversing the Baldy Ridge heading back towards Hidden Peak.  Why would Ido such a thing?  Because it wasn’t hard enough……

The race is now full, but the waiting list exists, if you want in, you better get on that list.

Flyover is coming real soon, stay tuned!

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  1. Nick Sourlos says:


  2. Nick Sourlos says:

    So much for the ” breaking 7 hr goal” I had…

  3. Sarah says:

    i like it!

  4. […] think Karl is obsessed with making Speedgoat the most unrunnable 50k in the country. Zion 100 photo courtesy Gary […]

  5. NickP says:

    That just sounds painful :) Looking forward to what should be a great race!

  6. Mike Place says:

    That’s an awesome change. Can’t wait!

  7. JoeD says:

    You have serious issues Karl, but that is why I love this race!

  8. Chris Cawley says:

    So, whats the route to Baldy? Up the jeep road to Sugarloaf pass we’ve traditionally used for our first big descent?

  9. karlmeltzer says:

    Chris, yes, up the jeep road to sugar pass, just the opposite direction of how we descended last year. I know we can do this. It’s safer for folks to go up, rather than down. I would like to go up the grassy section, avoiding the rocks, (lookers left) but not sure if I can do that or not. If I can, it’ll be like climbing a 400′ wall at 11,000′.
    The whole idea was inspired as a safety issue. We’ll have 300, not 200 this year and if we had 10-15 people in that rocky area going down, it can be dangerous, even with the rope.
    Making it harder really wasn’t the motivation, but after I thought about it, I had a good laugh. Enjoy!

  10. Blaine Nelson says:

    Keeping it real! Sounds like a good call. Harder?…hell yeah. More fun?…probably. Safer?…..for sure. Hey, at the end of the day, we don’t want anyone getting hurt or worse. We are all just there to get wrecked on your awesome course. Can’t wait!

  11. Fasted says:

    Someone will still break 5 hours. Just sayin…

  12. Starks says:

    Change is good :) So what will be the total elevation gain for the whole course with this modification?

  13. karlmeltzer says:

    Fast Ed. 5 hours eh? hmmmm, doubt it, new record…..likely.
    The change doesn’t really make it any different in elevation gained or lost, it’s just backwards in Mineral Basin to keep it safer with more runners. The climb over Baldy though, is gonna really hurt, alot more than it used to because it’s at mile 23. Some folks thought that hill I threw in last year was a good one, this one is ALOT better.

    • Dave Klein says:

      Seems a bit more runable, just abit more asskicking verticle footage at the end. Good call. I liked the straight up “off trail” climb and the freefall downhill– scaring the s___ out of the more sane runners down Baldy though. I guess you have to keep the lawyers out of the action somehow.

  14. Fasted says:

    Sky running series will bring the best. Did you see what Killian just did at Zegama? 3.56 for 26 miles and 17K of climbing? Beer bet?

  15. karlmeltzer says:

    What Killian did was insane, I found it pretty hard to believe that it has 17k. Also with knowing what’s been done at Pikes Peak. Not to mention, all the other top 20 were all fast too. It would put Speedgoat 50k in the 4:40 range. ridiculous, is that even possible? I guess we’ll see. With the way the new course is set up, it works in favor of the elite runners being quicker because the ascents are quickly up, the descent are fast, not junky to slow em’ down…..except Mary Ellen Gulch.

  16. stephenJ says:

    How about adding more vert to it by rerouting the finish to send us back up to the top of Gad 2 right before the finish. Wouldn’t that be cool. Right when you think you are nearly done, another climb. The last 2 miles are too easy.

  17. thought about that Steve, but we don’t need the mileage. Maybe next year though, or we’ll incorporate that into the potential 100 miler. :-)

  18. Fasted says:

    I stand corrected Karl – Zegama 42K, 9000 ft of climbing. Pretty close to the SG50 rate of climbing. Would put KJ at 4.41 for SG. I will be there to (hopefully) volunteer.

  19. stephenJ says:

    What if you moved the Pacific Mine aid station in a mile and cut out the out-and-back part, which happens to be another ‘easy’ part of the course? Then you could add more vert and the end without increasing the overall mileage. I’m sure you’ve thought of that too.

  20. Max says:

    In the spirit of making impossible 50k’s tougher, I’ll do my part to convince the RD for Old Gabe 50k to add more vert, possibly at the expanse of an aid station.

  21. Linda Quirk says:

    Well, I was really looking forward to repelling down that rope again this year! Bringing P. Rickard for her first chance at experiencing your crazy, tough course…this is going to be fun & exciting!!

  22. Pam Rickard says:

    It’s crazy that as I’m getting ready to head to Gobi in 2 weeks, I’m actually more intimidated by this beautiful beast! Thanks for letting me tag along, L. Quirk!

  23. Jeanni says:

    I am certain that come the end of July, I’ll regret saying this, but I think I’d much rather hack my way up Baldy at mile 23 than climb down it again… Nice change though

  24. Paul R says:

    Excited to see the flyover. Any more news on when that’s coming? This will be my first “mountain” race so every bit of perspective I can get to mentally prepare myself is appreciated.

  25. doug says:

    I ran twenty some odd miles of the course in reverse yesterday opting to summit Miller Hill rather than do the loop in/out of American Fork Canyon. Not a lot of snow except the top of Gadd (fun butt slide on the descent) and the road in western most Gadd (Bassackwards?). Ascending Baldy via the rock slide wasn’t bad either. Beer festival made for a great finish :)

  26. Steve O. says:

    I’m coming from Cincinnati….Can you just provide a bit more AIR?!!!

  27. David says:

    I’ve registered for the race. This may seem like a silly question, but what shoes would you wear on this crazy course, Karl? Would you really wear Hokas? I love the Mafates (this year’s new version with better tread) and run mountain trails in them, but not *really* steep trails like the Speedgoat course appears to have; certainly haven’t scrambled up steep summits in them. Would more traditional trail running shoes be better?