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The Wasatch 100, 2012 19


Well, it’s been forever again that I haven’t posted anything about anything.   I’ve been a busy boy training for the Steamboat 100 on September 14th.  We’ll get to that big money dance next week after Wasatch.  

The Wasatch 100, one of the greatest 100 mile routes on earth, is once again….not a real competitive field up front.   As usual, there are a few guys that can run sub 21, and one guy I think will run sub 20.   Look for Bronco Billy to be that sub 20 guy.  On the women’s side of things, this is the year of Sarah Evans.  Sarah….you’ve been killing it all year, and lets see you put some icing on that skull!  

I’ll have to say, I’ll miss running this year, I’ve been running around Katherines Pass alot this past month, but the Steamboat 100 having  a $40,000 prize purse, I”m headed to Colorado. :-)  

So, here’s my picks for Wasatch.

1.  Jeff Browning  2-1.  He’ll be challenged early by the guy below, but Jeff will run away, and have at least a 45 minute lead at Brighton….Giddyup Browning, the rare sub 20, and a big fat skull awaits you.

1a.  Ben Lewis  3-1.  How could I have forgotten Ben.  Good god…..Local favorite this year.  I think Browning will be tough to beat, but if anyone can beat him here, it’s Ben. 

2.  Sean Andrish  4-1.  He’s super fast, but hasn’t had a great Wasatch yet.  He’s run it a bunch of times, and does well, but not sub 20.

3.  Dan Barger  5-1.  I first met Dan in 1996, my first ultra.  He knows how to get it done, he’ll make the podium for sure…if they had a podium. 

4.  Robert Mueller  6-1.  He was behind me at Antelope Island and has had a pretty good season for a “rookie”. He’s got the speed and perseverance.  If Browning blows….Mueller is the sleeper to win. 

5.  Jared Campbell  6-1.  I’d give Jared a better position had he not completed Barkley, Hardrock and Nolans 14.  Nolans was a few weeks ago, he’ll be a bit tired, but still, around 21:30.

6.  Jason Koop  7-1.  A 4 hour PR at Hardrock, he’s gotta be itching to really nail one.  Will he?

7.  Kelly Lance  10-1. He doesn’t know how good he is….

8.  Chris Cawley  11-1.  Always does well at the Speedgoat 50k, and the Speedgoat is harder than Wasatch.

9-11.  Brendan Trimboli, Brett Gosney and Seth Hales  13-1. Both of these kids and one old guy :-)   will duke it out for going under top 10.  These will be the last 3 under 24 hours. 

Sorry to put the pressure on ya Sarah  1-2, but you’re the shoe in to win the women’s race.  Amie Blackham  6-1, has had a decent season too, but Sarah is far more experienced at this dance. 

The course will be very dusty near the end, it has rained one day in Salt Lake City since about May,and the dust is about as deep as a good winter powder day.   It’s gonna be a dirty one.

For me, the next step is the Steamboat 100 on September 14th.  It boasts a $40,000 prize purse, going 5 deep, we’ll have two of the famous Tarahumaras running too,  who knows what those guys will do. If they win some cash, we’ll all be psyched for them, they’ll probably be able to fund a whole village in Copper Canyon.  

Looks like UTMB this week is gonna be a deluge of nasty weather again, sure glad I didn’t drop the coin to go run around Mt. Blanc this year.  Either way though, it’ll be epic. Good luck to all the Americans (and everyone else too) for a good, wet, sloppy, cold, hypothermic run!  

We’ll have some of Speedgoatkarl’s 100 mile blend available at the finish line at Wasatch, come see me and I’ll hook you up…..if I make it there.  I should be around. 

I know I’m a slacker sometimes but look for a post on the Steamboat 100 odds, the field is stacked.

Don’t forget, coaching plans are always available.  Learn how to run 100 miles without even trying, cuz’ it’s really not that far.  Now go run!  

Something to laugh at below: 


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  1. Nick Sourlos says:

    Peter Lindgren top 10

  2. karlmeltzer says:

    good call Nick, yes, a good possibility

  3. NickP says:

    Is Ben Lewis sitting this one out after his run on the TRT? Would think he would be up in the top 5 or so.

    Hope the training is going well…see you in Steamboat.

  4. dave bell says:

    really, fund a whole village..i hope they crush you

  5. Jordan says:

    George Grygar’s running. He got 22:30 last year.

  6. Erik says:

    +1 for Peter. He just keeps getting faster and is running strong. Greg also. He’s going to surprise a few people this year.

  7. karlmeltzer says:

    kudos on Norrander and Lindgren again. Yes, Greg should break 24.

    Nick, I didn’t see Ben Lewis on the list, but if he were, he’d be second here.

  8. J.B. says:

    Emily Judd (2nd in 2011) and Suzanne Lewis (2nd in 2010) should be in the mix for the women.

  9. jm says:

    No sub 20 this year.
    Ben is on the list, #57. He’ll get the win if he’s running.
    Look for Mike La Roux to be in the top 5. He has had a great GS so far.
    Norrander will also have a strong run.

  10. Matt Hart says:

    I ran with Ben a few hours ago. He’s running for sure. He will be top three by my math.

  11. Pete says:

    Ben says he is good to run and has no major ailments. I’d say top 5 at minimum.

  12. Ben says:

    I am indeed running. Agree on the predictions of good things to come for Chris C., Greg N., and Peter L.

  13. karlmeltzer says:

    How could I forget Ben, my mind must be frazzled. I added him in there, he definately puts another player up front.

  14. Chris Cawley says:

    Fall is in the air this evening in Alta, as heavy rains have given way to a cold, clear night. One week!

  15. Rod Bien says:

    Jeff Browning and I just ran Transrockies together a few weeks ago. Uh, look out for him. He’ll be peaking and is ready to rip a good one. I say he goes under Karl’s fastest time. That boy smells the barn like no other.
    Also, if Scott Wolfe is running, I think he could definitely be top 7. Not a ton of 1oo mile experience but good leg speed and a very strong runner when he’s having a good day.

  16. dave says:

    I agree with Rod, Saw Jeff at TransRockies and he looked strong and confident! On the female side look for Paulette Z from AZ who won AC100 in 2011 and went sub 24 there to bouce back from a rough go there this year and have a strong race up there! See you in Colorado next week Karl! We can compare our Hokas ;)

  17. Jon Allen says:

    Hey Karl- just wondering, do you think this could be the first year where the Bear is more competitive at the front and is deeper than Wasatch?

  18. Mike Place says:

    Looks like somebody could have really cleaned up with a bet on George Grygar for a podium finish. I knew he was fit, but what a day he had!

  19. Peter Lindgren says:

    Thanks for having faith in me.