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We have some more info on this year’s Speedgoat Mountain Festival at Snowbird Ski Resort.  This year we will have 3 races, each on a seperate day: Race #1 will be the Speedgoat Vertical Mile: The race will start at the Creekside Venue  (the normal 50k start) at 3pm on Friday July 24.  The afternoon start will be a unique hill climb with runners finishing on the peak between the hours of 5-8pm.  The race course is as follows (and subject to change)   Runners will ascend the service road from Creekside to the Peruvian trail, then ascend to the top of the Peruvian Express lift.  Runners will then DOWNLOAD on the lift to the base area, and then ascend to the summit of Snowbird where the finish line will be waiting.  The unique dynamic of the lift will make for an interesting race.  Time will NOT be run while […]

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We’ve had a few meetings recently on having multiple races on Speedgoat weekend 2015 at Snowbird Ski Resort.  It has now become a reality. We will have 3 races over the course of 3 days. All of em’ will be hard, all of them will hurt, in a sadistic sort of way. Here’s the lineup: Friday, July 24.  The “Speedgoat Vertical Mile”.  This is NOT a one mile race.  It is a race with one mile of vertical ascent, with NO vertical descent.  How do we achieve this at a ski resort with only 3000′ of vertical drop?  We bring lifts into the dynamic.  The race will start at Creekside at Snowbird, the same location as the “Speedgoat 50k”.   Runners will run to the top of the Peruvian Express chairlift on some service roads and singletrack. Total gain from the start line is 2600′.  Runners will cross a timing […]

scream web studios | Websites como deven ser

This weekend brought me to the Bear 100 to crew a long time friend, Petra Pirc-McDowell.  It’s been an eternity since I’ve posted anything on my ancient blog, but this time I figured, what the hell.  After seeing many folks at the Bear 100 fight, struggle and swim in the mud, it deserved some love.  Congrats to Brian Peterson on a fine win, just under 19 hours at 18:59.24.  Congrats to Anna Frost for doing what she does, and shaving some time of a stellar record, previously set by Bethany Lewis.  Anna ran 20:59.24, shaving 16 minutes, and Congrats to Petra for finishing the 100, 11 years since her last one eleven years ago.  Her time gave her some sore quads, and third place in 25:45.51.  The mud was ridiculous once it started raining.  A shoe sucking nightmare.  Anyone who finished this year is a hero in my opinion.  I’m […]

    Speedgoat 50k
    The flowers are out, the field is thick, go to IRunFar and check out my video predictions. Bryon does a great job lining up the field for me, I’m going to bed. See ya all Saturday and watch it live on IrunFar..