June 19 2008, 7:03 pm

This year the Bighorn 100 will be different, most of the Rocky Mountain region had tons of snow this year and the Bighorn Mountains were no exception. The turnaround at Porcupine is still under 3 feet of snow, nonetheless the course will be awesome as usual, and two new records will be set…..and may last forever, so the odds are:

Mens Race
Jeff Browning 4-1. Jeff’s best time is 20:23, only 12 minutes shy of the “soft” record I set last year, it’s a new course, so everyone is blind to start, Jeff knows this terrain well.
Ty Draney 5-1. Simply put it’s Ty’s turn, he should hang with Browning and see what happens late in the race.
Justin Angle 5-1. Very fit now, and ready to rip one, he’ll be out fast, the question is will he have the power to run to the end.
Paul Dewitt 6-1. The fastest for sure, but on this terrain, he’ll be chasing late.
Jamie Gifford 8-1. He’ll slip in there for a podium if the others have tough day.
Bradley Mongold 10-1. His name on the list read “Radley Mongold”, but if it is “Bradley” he’ll be right there. Strong performances early this year….he should get better odds, but a rookie on this course can be a tough one.
Roch Horton 15-1. One of these days Roch’s gonna win one, if he carries his banjo the whole way I’ll give him 3 hours of bonus minutes.
Davy Crockett 20-1. That’s right, Davy makes the list this week.
Womens Race
Prudence L’Heuruex 4-1. Although blind to the course, certainly the fastest out there, some strong performances this spring should propell her to the front when all said and done.
Honey Albrecht 9-1. The next choice if Prudence chooses to lose.
Olga Varlamova 10-1. She’s always wanted to make this odds list, she might slip in for a podium finish.
Milada Copeland 12-1. Wasatch Running Center’s #1 100 mile runner could slip into ta podium finish as well, she likes the Bighorn’s!

Next week I’ll do the Western States Track Meet Odds. I’ll have them on the board on Monday morning, it’ll give us a week to debate it. Just thinking about this list scares me. I think the men’s winner will be easy, after that we’ll all be guessing!

Continue to check out for info on my Appalachian Trail Assault. The RV is wrapped up…. I’m all over that thing. I wonder what dad will feel like driving around with a picture of his son all over it?

The Speedgoat 50k has almost hit 100 runners, that’s 100 times someone gets to buttslide down Little Cloud Bowl at Snowbird…..with super tired legs, it’s gonna turn into a luge run by the time 25 slide down. Just another added feature to the toughest 50k in the US.

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