Let the games begin!

August 3 2008, 12:07 pm

NO, not the olympics, those speedsters run in circles, I’ll be running the “Long Green Tunnel”.

Less than 2 days away. we’re packing up the rig and making final day preperations, hoping the weather will cooperate….at least for the start. And if it doesn’t, we’ll wait till it does……just for the record.

Marit Fischer and Matt Hart will be showing up here in NH to throw their stuff in the blue box this evening, and we’ll head to Kathadin early tomorrow morning. Follow the SPOT Messenger atWHERESKARL.COM I’ll have it on the dashboard so everyone can follow my home on wheels.

Matt Hart will be hiking/running with me all through Maine, scaring the bears away and keeping me awake. He won’t carry anything, except maybe the VIO Camera for the first 1/2 mile on the summit of Kathadin, cuz’ we have to make if official. No blue blazing for this kid…..or old man!

I’ll be erratic in posting, but will do my best to keep in touch with the ultra world. For the next two months, will be the command center. For those who need to reach me, go there and make a comment, my crew will let me know what’s up.

And lastly for now, let’s thank my sponsors for making this happen. This time I get to run 7 weeks supported, not just one quick 100 miler. This is the real deal. And I give it huge respect. What I’m about to do is step into unknown territory….true delerium and pain…….Let the games begin!

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