Maine to Georgia 2008

October 6 2008, 4:18 pm

Go to the page Me to Ga 2008 under my left ear to read a somewhat brief writeup of the AT Assault.

I will now get back to regular programming. There are still lots of great races coming up: Masochist, JFK, Javelina….just to name a few. Stay tuned for odds and other rambling from me.

I’ll also start doing some gear reviews for some interested folks looking for christmas gifts….only gear I use and feel is worthy. Caoi for now, now go run for me cuz’ I’m gonna rest for a while!

Use coupon code 2JV-1-QJE3H for 15% off almost everything sells! Christmas is coming…….and by all means pray for some freakin’ snow. It’s PowPow time!