The Appalachian Assault is only two months away!

June 2 2008, 2:55 pm

Preparation for the AT assaultis coming together, the RV is in the house (outside of the house) and the wrap is being designed.

Training wise: Yah, I’ve been running every day, the real training will be after the WS track meet, where I’ll go hiking alot instead of running, it’ll be nice to slow down once in a while.

The biggest concern is the tracking device from SPOT, it works well, but some details need to be improved for it to work the way we want it to. Our friends at SPOT and are working to provide the ultimate tracking tools to make this adventure not only fun for me, but fun for all to watch me suffer. I like to suffer! Check out our AT command center at for some new video and info leading to the 2174 mile adventure.

We are now 26 days from the Western States Track Meet, and I’ll certainly do some odds for this one. But first, here’s a list of contenders I know of. If there are any others out there, please help me out and chime in with some comments on their qualifications.

Men: Alan Abbs, Todd Braje, Josh Brimhall, Graham Cooper, Lon Freemen, Mark Godale, Hiroki Ishikawa, Andy Jones-Wilkins, Hal Koerner, Anton Krupicka, Sean Meissner, Karl Meltzer, Zach Miller, Brian Morrison, Dan Olmstead, Neil Olsen, John Olsen, Jorge Pacheco, Glen Redpath, Kevin Sawchuck, Erik Skaden, Mike Wardian, Mike Wolfe, Chikara Omine, Scott Wolfe, Jean Pommier and Jeff Riley.

Women: Beverly Abbs, Meghan Arboghast, Michelle Barton, Annette Bednosky, Susannah Beck, Jenny Capel, Francesca Conte, Devon Crosby-Helms, Nikki Kimball, Kami Semick, Rena Schumann, Jenn Shelton, Caren Spore, Beth Vitalis, Suzie Lister, and newcomer Sabrina Moran.

Red lettering….the real contenders to win it,
Blue lettering….the darkhorses.
Black lettering….Some faster folks that might surprise someone
A good preliminary list to get things going!
Also this week, the San Diego 100 and the Squaw Peak 50 are happenin”. I’ll be at the Squaw Peak 50 running with my wife Cheryl in her first 50 mile attempt, she picked Squaw Peak cuz’ it’s an easy one…yah right!
The snow is starting to melt away at Snowbird, the Speedgoat 50K is filling up quickly now, so those interested in running the toughest 50k in the US, come join in the fun and get your arse kicked on some of the finest goat trails in Utah. Find the Application here.
Thanks to the Speedgoat 50k sponsors: Snowbird Ski Resort,, LaSportiva, Nathan Human Propulsion Laboratories, First Endurance, Powerbar, Red Bull, NUUN, Moeben, Wasatch Running Center, Nordic Track, and Black Diamond.
We’re still needing volunteers for the race, so if you interested, grab you’re binoculars, and cowbells and come up to Snowbird for the Speedgoat Party on the Peak.
In a recent news flash….Scott Jurek will not give Kyle Skaggs a run for it at Hardrock. Let’s hope Scott is not injured, Seems HR may be another run-away victory for Mr. Skaggs….no pressure Kyle, run your own race!


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