The Speedgoat 50K course is melting fast!

June 30 2008, 7:49 pm

26 days till post-time for the toughest 50K on earth!….maybe not, but it sounds good!

This mornings run took me to the summit of Snowbird to scope out the Speedgoat 50k. It looks like a butt-slide is likely in Little Cloud Bowl for the final descent! It’ll bring back those childhood memories of you’re favorite sled run! I’m working on logistics now and soon we’ll have a map so you can salivate over the course.

We plan to have the $100 bill at the top for the first man and women who make the 4500′ climb to the peak first….but you gotta finish to collect….no sandbaggers here!

Entries Close on the 15th, so if you’re gonna run, send it in now to reserve a spot in the field, and some pizza and beer* at the finish line.

For those who don’t know, directly after the Speedgoat 50K, I’ll be heading out for the run of my life with the Appalachian Assault beginning August 5th on the Summit of Mt. Kathadin in Maine. For more details, will be the command center for the entire AT run, check out my training, the GPS, the podcasts, the U-Tube videos, and all the other cool stuff we’re gonna do while everyone watches me suffer for 2174 miles.

* Beer must be purchased by runners, I can’t legally buy it for you…damn disclaimers!

speedgoat-himself.jpg Ryders speedgoat-himself.jpg

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