TRT 100 and the Vermont 100 up next!

July 16 2008, 12:38 am

The USATF 100 Mile Trail Championship on the line!


He kinda looks like Mr. Bill!

And the odds are:

Erik Skaden: 5-2. He was ready for Western and will likely be ready forthis one
Jon Olsen: 7-2. Not far behind Erik, these two guys should battle it out.
Ian Torrence: 12-1. Claims he’s not quite readyto race up front, but I know he has it in him, every time we run, he kicks my ass!
The women’s race gets good too!
Nikki Kimball: 3-1. Simply put, she’s the best, but this course could test her raw speed, a few speedsters will be following.
Jenn Shelton: 7-2. She’s probably the one with the most speed, and if she nails it, she’ll run away withit. The technicality is the only thing that can slow her down, and I’m not sure how technical it is.
Bev Abbs: 6-1. In it all the way, she can win too, if she has a good run!
Connie Gardner: 8-1. Better at the smoother and flatter stuff, but who knows!
Jenny Capel: 9-1. It’s certainly her turn to win something, she could easily make the podium…..if they have one.

The Vermont 100, an old classic!

Glen Redpath: 5-2. I’m thinking it’s his turn to show his speed, and Vermont is essentially a dirt road race.
Bradley Mongold: 4-1. He showed uslots of promise early season, and this race fits his style. Still a rookie at 100 though, he could blow early if he’s not careful
Andy Jones-Wilkins: 5-1. Andy always has a good race in him, he’ll run solid as usual and win by slight default if #1 and #2 suffer.
Joe Kulak: 7-1. We’d like to see some of that old Vermont speed return, but he might be consuming some Long Trail Ale, it could slow him down a bit.
Kevin Sullivan: 10-1. Not as much experience as those few others, but the potential isthere.

The ladies:

I only see two right now:

Devon Crosby-Helms: 3-2. Should be a no-brainer for her to win, she just needs to run smart and not let the fast early pace get her.
Michelle Barton: 5-1. She’ll be styling in her Moeben Sleeves, the ice in the sleeve trick could keep her cool and give her a chance at a win in the Green Mountain State.
Diana Fitzpatrick: 9-1. Experience will take her to the top 3, and potentially even a win.

I may have missed a few here, so help, I’ll update tomorrow if needed.

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