Drumroll please!

January 8 2010, 7:41 am

On Monday morning Ultrarunning Magazine will announce the “Ultrarunners of the Year”.  Who’s it gonna be?  All we know is that it’s a tough vote.  So many variables, so many races, so many different circumstances, so many different courses.  I could go on and on and on, but I won’t.  Tune in Monday morning after I see the results for my two cents on the voting.  Some will rank higher than expected, some lower, some will see no love, some will be loved.   All for what?  Yah,  recognition, but not even a buckle?  🙂  

Like many other races, the Speedgoat 50k is filling much faster than last year, it’s amazing how this is evolving in our world.   If you don’t like a beating stay home, if you do….register here, but read the instructions first to get an idea of what it’s like….it’s no picnic!  :-)…..or is it?  Picnics are fun stuff. 

For the record, and to all of you who like running in the La Sportiva Fireblade, make a note that if you like the orange color, you better get out and hit up for the remaining few pairs of orange.  The grey models WILL ALWAYS be available, they ARE NOT discontinued,  only the orange color will no longer be made.  🙁   If doesn’t have them, go to La Sportiva and see what’s left in the closeout section. Both outlets have them on sale, around 70 bucks, so pick em’ up!.  Stop wearing those “boot style” running shoes, get low to the ground, it’ll make you run faster! 

And finally this weekend the Bandera 100k happens down in Texas.  Two spots for the Western Track Meet are up for grabs.  A few fast guys are running, when I see results I’ll post it up.   My predictions:

Chikara Omine will come out on top, unless technicality gets him.  Zach Miller will challenge him along with Nick Clark.   Any of these three guys could win it, and one of them will be shut down.  It’ll be interesting to see how it pans out.

For the women:  It looks like Annette Bednosky is the shoe-in, but I don’t recognize any other women, so the race for second is on!

And for kicks, check out my latest creation at “White PIne” here in Little Cottonwood Canyon.  It’s a quarter mile long luge run, built solely by me.  As busy as I’ve been, I found a little extra time to build this classic track.  Click here to watch the fun as Matt Hart leads the way.  Tom Maartens and I are in the “chaser sled” with the video.  Good ole’ fun, not your typical luge run.