Rocky Raccoon odds

January 31 2011, 11:05 am

It’s been a while since I’ve done some odds on a race, but since I’m going and the field is fairly thick up front, we’ll take a crack at this one.   I know most in the field as friends, so it’ll be easy right? What I know so far. Ian Sharman,  12:44 Tony K, 13:16 Read More

UTMB in 2011… we have a “World Championship”!

January 19 2011, 10:56 am

Yah, there’s a few missing from around the world, but look here and see how many fast americans are making the jump over the pond!  UTMB is surely gonna be the race of the year.  WS has lots of fast guys and gals too, but lacks many European runners, and a few fast US runners Read More

2011 coming soon!

January 7 2011, 8:04 am

Well, my plans for 2011 are finally shaping up, I’ve plunked down all the cash I have.  Hopefully I won’t break my arm climbing over some dead tree again. 🙂 The lineup: 1.  Rocky Raccoon 100:  I’ve never run this one before, so I thought since it’s 100 miles, I’ll go see what kind of Read More

Time to start thinking about training?

December 29 2010, 7:24 am

So the new year is upon us.  For all those procrastinators…including myself, it’s now time to pick up where we left off in November. Yah, I ran Hellgate, but it was a “fun run”. I’ve take a minor break this past month, only running about 35 miles a week to recharge the engine.  It’s now time to Read More

Time to put your luge on!

December 25 2010, 9:04 am

Just click it: And a Merry Christmas too! Speedgoat 50k registration starts January 1st…don’t miss out.  I’ll be sledding.

Speedgoat 50k Entry begins January 1st

December 17 2010, 9:21 am

It’s that time of year again to sign up for the toughest 50k in town.  Last year we closed 2 months before the actual race date.  This year I expect to close earlier.  We will be accepting 250 runners this year, up 50 from last season.  More goats means more fun and entertainment for me.  Read More

The final showdown in Marin! The North Face 50

November 30 2010, 8:08 am

See what a little cash purse brings……. I’ve decided not to do “odds”, but to rather just make my picks for this year’s North Face 50.  With the worldwide talent, it’s gonna be a tough one.  I had some help with names from Bryon Powell at irunfar.  I let him do all the research, I’ll Read More

Speedgoat 50k set for July 30, 2011!!

November 22 2010, 7:27 am

Time to start thinking about suffering again!  Registration will open on January 1st at 7am MST, at Ultrasignup.  Entries will be limited to 250 runners, up 50 from last year.  Some decent prize money, and a “bonus” for a record, is on tap this year again.  The course will remain the same as last year.  I Read More

More cool Red Bull Human Express stats, and why it went so well!

November 3 2010, 9:28 am

The Red Bull Human Express is coming to a close.  I have one more media tour in NYC the next two days, then I’ll be back to reality and regular life.  Some of the info given may be a little confusing to some. 14 lbs of bacon was consumed by myself and crew.  I did Read More


September 14 2010, 4:05 pm

Let the games begin!  Tomorrow morning I’ll be headed out to run approximately 2000 ish miles retracing the steps of the Pony Express Trail.  This run commemorates the 150th anniversary of those crazy mailmen on horses, running mail and messages from Sacramento, California to St. Joseph, Missouri.  It’ll be a long trek, a true adventure, Read More