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On Monday morning Ultrarunning Magazine will announce the “Ultrarunners of the Year”.  Who’s it gonna be?  All we know is that it’s a tough vote.  So many variables, so many races, so many different circumstances, so many different courses.  I could go on and on and on, but I won’t.  Tune in Monday morning after I see the results for my two cents on the voting.  Some will rank higher than expected, some lower, some will see no love, some will be loved.   All for what?  Yah,  recognition, but not even a buckle?     Like many other races, the Speedgoat 50k is filling much faster than last year, it’s amazing how this is evolving in our world.   If you don’t like a beating stay home, if you do….register here, but read the instructions first to get an idea of what it’s like….it’s no picnic!  :-)…..or is it?  Picnics are fun stuff.  […]

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I put my odds for Western on the previous post, but for some even more entertaining info, read on…..the Bighorn 100 was an adventure into the wilderness where sometimes it gets just a little scary! The Bighorn 100 was another great win for me….that’s #25 in the 100 mile trail race “win category”.  Nick Clark kept it close early, but in the end I was showered, sleeping and thinking about what “could have happened”….but didn’t.  So here’s the story……….. Ever had a run-in with a moose?  I can now say I have.  It was funny the day before at the packet pick-up as I heard some other folks talking about how the leaders get to see all the wildlife.  This race I was the leader.  I saw all the wildlife, from big bucks, to big moose, even a skunk to perhaps throw some stink into my finish (that didn’t happen), […]

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Next up is the North Face 50, after looking at the most recent entry list, these odds are gonna be good!  Both the men’s and women’s race will be spectacular.  Ain’t it true that money talks and bullshit walks? $10,000 to win, $4000 for second and $1000 for third sums up the reason top competition shows up for this one.  I’ll post my odds on Friday. And even though I can’t offer prize money….yet, the Speedgoat 50k applications will be available here only…online on December 1st.  Put this brutal run on your July 18 “things to do list”.  At JFK: It looks like the top runners are:  Mark Lundblad Paul Dewitt Matt Lavine Pete Breckinridge Lundblad wins it in 6:07!  Connie Gardner runs relatively unchallenged in 7:15! I posted the top 10 in the comments section.  Nice run Ian!! I can’t even look at the women as I don’t even […]