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This week Jim Skaggs will host the Antelope Island Buffalo Run.  This course takes place on Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake.  I’ll be working the “Lower Frary” aid station along with Larry Mangum.  There are nearly 500 runners registered in the 3 races….50 mile, 50k and 25k.  Looks like the buffalos will be running from runners.    While it is currently dumping here in SLC, the weather looks favorable this coming weekend for some fast times, unless the moisture lingers for a few days creating that wonderful, sloppy Utah mud.  This past week I fell in a “transformer hole” up at work and tweaked my left knee.  No real damage, just a little wacked.  Hopefully this is the third “issue” in my string of winter injuries.  First a broken rib in January, then a tweaked calf (but not injured) at Way Too Cool, and now this.   Sledding is dangerous!  Injuries 1 [...]

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Time to register for the Speedgoat 50k, apps are online now so make the commitment and bring on the hills! The Way Too Cool 50k just closed in 7 minutes!  But I’m in! Snowbird should finally get some snow this weekend, so get ready for the “Greatest Snow on Earth”.  Just in time for the Christmas rush, but don’t go Christmas week, go before or after when the crowds go down. Need new skis?  Check out for the wide selection and free shipping just in time for the week AFTER Christmas week.  Go for a tour when the crowds are here. One cool race happens this weekend in Virginia, the Hellgate 100k.  It’s been snowing and icy there.  This route is near the AT, and it looks nicely ugly.  The field is strong too, with Sean Andrish, David Goggins, Harland Peele (Grindstone 100 winner in October) and the legend Clark Zealand [...]

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The snow continues to fly in Utah! My last snow report for Snowbird Ski Resort listed 271″ YTD. That post was January 23rd. The bird now sits at 348″ YTD, today, February 3rd. Just another 77″ the last week and a half! Freakin’ out of control! Another storm is pushing in to dump another couple feet! Not to mention it’s all Utah Fluff, no Sierra Cement for us. The Speedgoat 50K might be under snow at this rate! Click the link to register. Speedgoat of the Year results will be posted soon at Nearly 4000 votes came in, Scott is waiting for the software to load all the votes, to make sure the skull goes to the right goat! I’m going skiing! Click on the Backcountry logo for great deals at the best online retailer. They only sell what they use! No low-grade stuff here. -Speedgoat Karl