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Finally we’ve got a 100 mile race with a real purse!  The “Goal” is to bring the purse to $100,000, where the world’s best 100 mile runners can chase each other around Steamboat, Colorado, and actually go home with some real money to pay the mortgage, or perhaps even buy a car.  The 100k is not yet set in stone.  10k is set in stone at the moment, and the remaining 90k will be raised through sponsors, entry fees (yah, I know, some folks balk at that), and perhaps some donations from fine folks who want to see a real race, with real carnage, all because of money.   Everyone likes money, everyone likes schwag, everyone likes to win a prize.  We can’t deny it, it’s what life is.  For most folks, unfortunately, it’s about money, you gotta have some to earn a living.  Ultrarunners need to earn a living too. If a basketball […]

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The Western States 100 will certainly be a great race to watch.  Put your reading glasses on folks, this one’s gonna take a while.  If I pick em’ even remotely close, it’s all luck, cuz’ it doesn’t get any tougher than this one, and all my research on every runner listed below comes straight off the cuff.  I did not look at any runners results from the past 6 months.  Let’s see how I do this time.   The field is so stacked, creating an actual “odds” is nearly impossible, but here it goes. 1.  Geoff Roes 2-1. He won it last year, ran 15:07, hasn’t lost at 100 miles yet, has beaten everyone below,  and I can bet he feels less pressure as a previous winner than any other previous winner.  His attitude towards racing these things is perfect.  He let’s it evolve and runs his own deal.  He’s got […]

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Yep, there is still 147″ of snow at 9600′ on the Speedgoat course.  That’s alot, runners may be bumping into skiers come race day.  Won’t that be entertaining! The race is now full, but we are accepting those still interested to join the wait list, typically we could have about 35 runners on that wait list, so don’t hesitate to at least put your name on it.  Go to the race page and hit “register” and it’ll bring you to Ultrasignup.   Please, if you can not run the race this year, let me know so I can take you off the list and move another eager mountain goat to join the fun.  If I am notified BEFORE the race, I will roll you over for next year…..but you gotta let me know before race day.    Or you lose. This weekend, I’ll venture over to the San Juan Solstice 50 […]