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Only 3 spots remain for a chance to run the toughest 50k in town.  Only 11,693′ of vertical gain to entertain you.  Some snow, some rocks, some really ugly trail is all we need for a full day’s work.  Expect the course to have some snow, but don’t expect it to change because of it.  Many areas at Snowbird where the snow sits late in the season are not on the route.  With the exception of the “Bookends Climb”, and “Little Cloud Buttslide”, the course should…….and I say “should”, melt out.  If it does not melt out, you’ll be slipping and sliding more, and I’ll be even more entertained with the carnage. Hugs and kisses to First Endurance for sponsoring our event.  Our primary fuel source will consist of First Endurance EFS drink at aid stations,  Red Bull to pump you up, and then close it with a  healthy dose of First Endurance […]

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This week the Miwok 100k is set and primed to be fast, the field is stacked as usual.  I don’t think either Tony Krupicka or Geoff Roes will be running.  There names are on the list, but Tony hasn’t mentioned it as he normally would, and Geoff just ran a smooth 100 in Santa Barbara last weekend.  So, that being said, the rest of the best are below: The men: 1.  Dave Mackey 3-2  He’s the record holder, and rarely loses at any race.  He just won American River a month ago and is likely in fine shape.  He knows the trails well here, so getting lost should not be an issue.  And, he”ll be in his Hoka Bondi B’s, I bet his legs won’t even hurt much when it’s over. 2.  Mike Wolfe 3-1  His fine showing at Way Too Cool proved he can run himself into shape quickly […]

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I’d like to say I finished two 100 milers in 6 days, but I can’t say that as the C2M Hurricane threw that plan out the window…but it felt like 2 100s.  I have no official finish at C2M, so I’ll let that be.  My official finish at the Antelope Island Buffalo Run comes in as the first loser.  I ran 16:07, only 6 days after 78 miles and 24k of vert in So Cal.  I think it’s pretty hard to complain about running this fast on super sore legs.  The soreness began about 200 yards from the start line.  I expected it.  The mental challenge was what I was  looking for, and I found it.  Dan Vega was clearly on his game as he was easily the fastest guy out there this weekend, each time I closed, he just pushed a bit harder and put some time on me.  […]