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This coming weekend, the Coyote Two Moon 100 mile and 100k will all begin early Friday morning March 5th.  What’s unique about this race?  Both races run simultaneously with staggered starts.  How cool is that?  I get to start last, 3 hours behind Jared Campbell.  I’ll start at Noon on Saturday and have 22 hours to get er’ done.  If I don’t finish by 10am on Sunday morning, I don’t make the cut-off…..not make the cut-off?  Yah, I better keep on moving.  This race boasts 28,000′ of gain, up and down the Ojai ridge, all under the light of a full moon…well….. almost full. It all begins on Thursday with the traditional “Ray Miller Loop” at Pt. Mugu state park, from there we’ll go bowling where we’ll consume some beverages hoping to earn “bonus minutes”, from king doofus himself, Chris Scott, the RD.  A talent show, a few meals, and off we go into the darkness.  Nothing like another day at [...]

scream web studios | Websites como deven ser

It appears as though the HURT 100 mile record has gone down AGAIN.   Gary Robbins and Tracy Garneau appear to have both broken previous records.  Gary by just 16 minutes, Tracy by alot more than that.  What is this world coming too?   Or am I just getting old?   20:12 for Gary, 24:06 for Tracy.  Nuts!  Another performance of the year performance, and it’s only January 16.   I still need a confirmation as I’m dumbfounded.  In a brief conversation with my dad about “Ultrarunner of the Year“, he mentioned to me how all the guys in the top 10 were quite a bit younger than I.  Me being 42 ( I was voted 2nd ) and most of the others in there early 30′s or 20′s.  Maybe I should move forward to the Masters Division?  I just can’t think that way, I feel alot younger than that, at least in my brain. Congrats [...]

scream web studios | Websites como deven ser

Just a few more days till registration goes live for the Speedgoat 50k!  Reserve your spot for the toughest 50k in the US.  After some new mapping, I’ve found there to be 11,945′ of climb and descent. Throw in a few rocks, snow, scree, billy goats on the ridge, and 200 crazy runners, and we’ll have a race for $500 bucks! We are also close for the announcement of “Ultrarunner of the Year”.  There’s been lots of talk about last year, and how many stellar performances there were.  They were everywhere, from the flats to the mountains.  Big wins with big comp, big wins with little comp, fast performances all around.  Who’s it gonna be?  We’ll find out in a few weeks at  Next year?  Still somewhat debating, but I’ve managed to send in 3 apps so far…..Hardrock, Mt. Blanc, and Wasatch.   The only tough one is Mt. Blanc.  Hardrock and Wasatch are [...]