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Well, my 4 week roadtrip is over.  I put 6000 miles on my Tacoma.  It seemed to blow by even faster than my fastest 100 miler.  So….what do I do now?  Shall I run a local race?  chill out and wait for the snow to fly?, or look into another 100 miler to try and win 4 this year?  My body at the moment says “no”.  My mind says “yes”.  I should rest right?  I”m not really sure I know what “rest” means.  I never overtrain, so it’s fair to say I rest plenty.  I am gonna miss the Pinhoti 100.  It’ll be interesting to see how a stronger field competes at that one and how low the record can go. It can go quite a bit lower than my 16:42.  I slowed down alot when I had a 2 hour lead last year.   Needless to say, it’ll likely [...]

scream web studios | Websites como deven ser

I just can’t get enough eh?  Tomorrow evening at 6pm,  I”m firing up the Hokas again and running another classic 100 miler in Virginia, the Grindstone 100 near Swoope.  Clark Zealand puts on a great race and a tough course in central Virginia. I’ve been here before, in 2009….won it and have the course record of 18:46.   It’s always fun defending! Looks like Mr. Jason Schlarb wants some more abuse and this time I bet he gets it done in fashion.  His run at Steamboat 3 weeks ago came up a bit short due to a wrong turn and I’ve been informed that he is “hungry”. I think he should eat something.  Although one would think with my last performance at Steamboat, that I am the man to beat? I”m not so sure about that. Jason is faster no doubt, so if he plays his cards right, doesn’t stumble [...]

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With a fat carrot for the winner of this year’s innaugural “Run Rabbit Run 100“, we would assume the field would be deep with talent.  Yup, it’s got talent.  No doubt the winning time will be swift, and it’ll be competitive up front all the way around the mountain town of Steamboat, Colorado. I’ve been around almost all of the course now, and I’ll say that it’s gonna be pretty fast.   Most of the trails are very runner friendly, actually “biker” friendly.  This only means one thing….they are (in general) not that steep. The climbs are long and gradual,the downhills are the same.  It’s a runners course….a good route for lots of carnage and a few super fast times.   I really feel it’s a bit of a shame more US runners aren’t here for this first year race. With $10,000 bucks going to the winner, and 5 -deep [...]

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    The flowers are out, the field is thick, go to IRunFar and check out my video predictions. Bryon does a great job lining up the field for me, I’m going to bed. See ya all Saturday and watch it live on IrunFar..