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last chance folks to get on the waitlist,, there will be NO EXCEPTIONS after June 30.    After enjoying the Western States Track Meet, stay tuned for the Hardrock 100 odds coming soon.

scream web studios | Websites como deven ser

It’s always hot right?  Competition and temps make this race the most watched event of 100 miles.  Once again this year, the men’s and women’s field’s are strong as ever.  As usual, the race will end up being about 10 guys and gals at Foresthill.  Some will blow early, some will surprise us.  What do I think is gonna happen?  I guess you’ll have to keep reading…..The Speedgoat Odds are back.  Enjoy the ride. 1.  Killian Jornet  2-1.  It’s fair to say Killian has always been the favorite with his past win at WS and his incredible running career at such a young age.  Unfortunately, I’ve just heard of a tragedy on his “mountains of my life” project.  His partner Stephane Brosse fell to his ultimate demise above Argientiere while traversing the Mt. Blanc ridge, the first piece of Killian’s journey.  Not cool.  Killian has to be quite distraught right [...]

scream web studios | Websites como deven ser

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any harder…..think again!   I just finished working on a new “idea” I had.  I was out running yesterday and figured it would be safer for 300 runners to ascent  Baldy from the Mineral Basin side, instead of descending down the nasty, rocky, Chausy chute.  So, instead of running over to Baldy at mile 9, we will descend via the Bookends singletrack (the way we came back up to the tunnel in 2011) to Larry’s Hole, run the “Mary Ellen Loop” as always, back to Larry’s Hole.   And here’s the fun part,  a 1900′ climb in 1.3 miles to the summit of Baldy at about mile 22 ish, instead of the tame singletrack up the Bookends.  We’ll reach the Tunnel aid station after traversing the Baldy Ridge heading back towards Hidden Peak.  Why would Ido such a thing?  Because it wasn’t hard [...]

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    The flowers are out, the field is thick, go to IRunFar and check out my video predictions. Bryon does a great job lining up the field for me, I’m going to bed. See ya all Saturday and watch it live on IrunFar..