More cool Red Bull Human Express stats, and why it went so well!

November 3 2010, 9:28 am

The Red Bull Human Express is coming to a close.  I have one more media tour in NYC the next two days, then I’ll be back to reality and regular life.  Some of the info given may be a little confusing to some. 14 lbs of bacon was consumed by myself and crew.  I did not eat ALL of it.  I typically ate about 1-2 pieces every morning.  I think if I ate 14 lbs of bacon, I would smell like bacon! 🙂  After reading about my sponsor love, check the stats at the bottom.  Some cool stuff and numbers.

Some real Sponsor love below, without these guys, this would not have happened!

And here’s why it all worked:

Red Bull:  What can I say about Red Bull.  I consumed a total of 143 cans in 40 days.  Typically I would sip about 1/2 can at each stop.  Occasionally I would drink Red Bull Cola instead, just to mix it up.  Red Bull Cola is an all natural cola with no preservatives.  I love Red Bull and the Mental Power and Energy it gives me.  Red Bull is truly the ultimate Energy Drink.  Red Bull made this happen, and I can’t be more thankful for being a part of it! 

Hoka One One:  I’ve been raving about these shoes since I started running in them at the Zane Grey 50 mile on April 24.  I really don’t think I would have completed this run on the Pony Express Trail without them.  I had only one blister the entire run, which happened on day 2.  The blister location was typical on my pinkie toe.  It never caused any discomfort.  I just had to give myself a little more room and I was set.  The ultimate cushioning of the shoe provided so much protection, and along with shock absorbtion, it’s safe to say it had to save me AT LEAST 25% of total impact.  That number is even what I consider a low estimate.  The shoes rock!  I’ll never change to something else, and the support they give me is mind boggling.  If you haven’t tried them… are missing out. 

First Endurance:  One of my primary fuels for the entire run. My favorite product from FE is the Ultragen. It’s the recovery drink we all rave about. Drinking this periodically during the run helped me recover as I went along.  EFS drink and EFS gel also provided most of my fuel during each 50+ mile day.  A pretty good testament to how well it works.  You are missing out if you don’t use this stuff, the Ultragen is amazing!

Nathan Hydration:  I used a simple handheld bottle from Nathan, along with the Proton 2.0 hydration pack.  I used this pack on the Appalachian Trail in 2008.  It’s still bomber and I had the attachment for the SPOT device on it, so I carried only devices on the pack, no water.  This method was great as I did not have any real weight to carry.  I was crewed roughly every 6-7 miles making it real easy to NOT carry alot of fluid.

Ryders Eyewear:  I’ve been wearing Ryders sunglasses for almost a decade now and can’t be more psyched at how well they perform.  Great airflow all the time, along with super clean lenses and clarity.  Ultimately, they don’t break the bank when you buy them.  I only used one pair on this adventure with amber style lenses.  Sunrise and Sunsets were incredible…..every day!

Drymax Socks:  Hands down the best in the business.  I’ve been wearing them since they came on the market a few years back and can’t be more psyched at how well they perform.  I had only that one blister…which I normally get anyway.  8 pair, 2064 miles and they are not even close to dead  yet.  They look like new to this day.

SPOT locator device:  This device works great in open terrain.  It worked much better than in the Green Tunnel on the AT.  It keeps improving each year too, so I may be using it more often.

Suunto Watch, Pedometer and HR monitor:   I don’t typically use devices like this, but it worked great!  It was simple to use, was very accurate and had no issues with dying like that Garmin that I have.  I like the Pedometer much better than GPS.  Yah, we have to calibrate it a bit, but so what….it’s consistent and easy to use.  I’m a simple guy.

Patagonia Silkweight shirt:  I was provided with 6 sweet silkweight shirts.  Although these guys are not a sponsor of mine.  I know what the best product is…..and this is the best.

Some cool numbers:

Sub 25 miles splits:  (I kept track of each 25 mile time, first 25, then second 25)  42

Sub 10 hour 50 mile splits:  20

Best 10 hour distance:  54.84

Number of negative splits: (first and second 25 miles) 8

Fastest 25 mile split:  4:20, the final day on first leg!

Fastest 50 mile split:  9:02, 9:03 with Geoff Roes

Slowest 25 mile split:  6:40 in the High Uintas of Utah

Slowest 50 mile split:  10:51

Most days in a row over 50 miles:  11

Furthest day:  105.29

Shortest day:  25.38

Average per day: 51.609 (including day off) 52.93 (not including day off)

Minutes of actual rainfall:  15…not much

Shoes:  7 pairs of Hokas

Gel servings:  About 17 per day,  680

Ultragen:  8 jugs consumed

Red Bull: 143

Beer consumed:  about 3 per day, all fine ales!

EFS drink:  8 jugs

Best 9 hole round:  44, Hebron NE Country Club