2011 coming soon!

January 7 2011, 8:04 am

Well, my plans for 2011 are finally shaping up, I’ve plunked down all the cash I have.  Hopefully I won’t break my arm climbing over some dead tree again. 🙂

The lineup:

1.  Rocky Raccoon 100I’ve never run this one before, so I thought since it’s 100 miles, I’ll go see what kind of shape I’m in.  We’ll see if I’m recovered now after the Red Bull Human Express.  The Hellgate 100k showed I was not ready yet, but I am feeling better and a bit more speedy now….so we’ll see.  I hear Mr. Krupicka is running too in Texas.  He’ll be flying, so no pressure on me.

2.  Antelope Island 100 mileThis one is still up in the air as Coyote Two Moon is the following week, but I may see how Rocky Raccoon goes and take it from there.  Running two 100s in a row would be a first for me.  I have run a few with 13 days of seperation, so why not raise the bar and give it a shot right?

3.  Coyote Two Moon 100I couldn’t resist when I saw “bronco”, “moomoo-man”, “icky ocky”, and “Thai” on the list.  Not to mention my bowling skills have improved since I discovered Wii.  I also need some more of those tasty avacados from Chris Scott…..Chief Idiot. 🙂

4.  Massannutten 100I’ll be ready for this one, and hope to run for my 3rd win there.  The course now starts in a different location.  Although it’s on the same route, it’ll feel different.  It’s a great course and real rocky, so it fits my style.

5.  San Juan Solstice 50 mileMy only short race of the year, but it won’t feel short in the San Juans….nothing does.  I’ve never run it and would like to see how I match up with many of the faster guys that have run there.  I’ll be happy to break 10 hours as a training run for the Superbowl.

6.  Hardrock 100The plan was to run WS and run the Grand Slam, but that didn’t work, so how can I complain?  I get to run the world’s toughest 100.  It’s the most scenic and my baby and the beginning of the Rocky Mountain Slam… next goal record to break.

7.  Leadville 100I ran Leadville a few years back, it was not a good run for me, so why not see what I can do this time. It’s race #2 of the Rocky Mountain Slam.  If you can believe this, I’m looking forward to this one more than most.

8.  Wasatch 100One more run on my home turf.  I won’t be too fresh, but it’ll be interesting to see how it all pans out.  It’ll be fun running it again, we’ll see if I can break 20 hours for a third time, that would be cool.

9.  Bear 100It’s the final leg of the Rocky Mountain Slam, only 13 days after Wasatch, but at this point, I should be very delerious anyway.  I hold the record on the “old course”, we’ll see how it goes on the new route.

10.  Mt. Masochist 50 mileIf I have any cash left…..

11.  North Face 50It’ll be fun running up front…..with the ladies field.  🙂  Cuz’ I ain’t racing those fast boys. 

So that’s my line-up, no trips to Europe, or runs across the country, just a few 100s to make me happy!

Don’t forget the Speedgoat 50k entries are coming in pretty quick, we’re at about 50 now, with 200 left.  You can procrastinate for a while, but keep checking back so you don’t miss out.  We may have a band, vendors, and a “potential” BBQ at the end.  It just keeps getting better.  And….the course is the same, although for next year, I have something up my sleeve….but I’m keeping that a secret for now.

BTW, that epic luge run has aired on ESPN, CNN, and will air on ABC January 15th between 2-4pm EST.  Classic!

Now go run!