A new Career?

November 14 2013, 11:17 am

Almost 3 weeks ago, I played in the Speedgolf World Championships.  Speedgolf?

I was introduced to Speedgolf about 8 months ago from Tim Scott, the executive director of Speedgolf International.  Apparently he found out that I used to play some pretty good stick.   After hearing that Bernard Lagat and Nick Willis were playing, I had to give it a shot.  Who does this, right?

The event was held at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, just south of Coos Bay, Oregon.  This is one of the nicest golf resorts in the U.S.  At $250 a greens fee, I figured my $250 entry fee would be just fine, with two practice rounds, and two tournament rounds.   It all equaled out in the end to about 4 ½ hours of golf, the standard time for an 18 hole round.


The tournament rules are simple,  it’s golf, be honest.  No mulligans for you.  Scoring wise, it is also simple.  Score + time = total score.

Long story short, I finished 22nd of 26 players in the pro/elite division.  Two scores of 89, with rounds in 55min, and 51min respectively. This won’t get a piece of the $50,000 prize purse.  It has piqued my interest now to find that retirement career.  I think I found it. 

The winner, Rob Hogan, shot a smooth 77 in 39 minutes, and a 78 in 44 minutes.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I played one practice round on Monday before the event. I have the game to shoot 75.  I can do this….and the prize purse at this event was larger than any prize purse in ultrarunning.

A quick reminder to register for the Speedgoat 50k on January 1.  Give yourself a little ding from you gadget on New years day, so not to miss out on next years’ race. I expect it to fill quick this year.  Last year the race filled in 18 days.

Speedgoat coffee is also still roasting, 3lb bags are available now too. 

Speedgolf…..yup, I’m in.