A whole month without a post?

February 1 2012, 9:36 am

Needless to say, it’s been a busy month:  I have been going non-stop for the past 30 days.  Running, working, building a luge run, putting up signs, shoveling snow, doing a podcast, cleaning up my flooded basement, going to the doctor, working some more, buying new appliances…..well, I think we all get the picture, sometimes doing a new post gets put on the backburner.  And tomrorrow, I’m off to the Rocky Raccoon 100 to see what kind of shape I’m in.  🙂  My picks, here ya go…

1.  Ian Sharman  3-2 gets the nod cuz’ of his spectacular 12:44 last year, obviously he’s the front runner.  The bullseye on his back is gonna be tough to hit, even from a short distance.  Not many guys will be close enough, even after one lap to even open fire, except…

2.  Hal Koerner 5-3, who after the HURT 100 screw up, is probably primed and ready to take Ian down.  I would suspect these two will run for the win, with a few other stragglers trying to hang as long as possible, including the next guy.

3. Speedgoat Karl 4-1, yah, not sure how I’m really gonna do.  After seeing Dr. Toronto last night to give me the “all clear”.  I’m really just pulling a Mike Wolfe  (Running myself into shape with a simple 100 miler)  Last Saturday I was slammed in my back, L1-L2 vertebrae area, while  luging on the infamous, super fast luge run.  I’m ok, and it shouldn’t bother me too much,  so we”ll see how it goes.   Hard to really say how I’ll do, but “100 miles is not far”.

4.  Oswaldo Lopez 5-1 is likely gonna go with the two fast guys up front.  I missed him when I did the bib numbers for Joe. I know he’s fast, but how many 100s has he done?  I don’t really know, it’ll be interesting to see if he throws one down.

5.  Dan Vega 6-1  is also quite speedy, but he’ll have to stay on top of his fuel game, the last time I ran against Dan, he ran 1530ish at Antelope Island, and although that’s pretty impressive, he told me afterwards he ate only a few oreo cookies the last 40 miles.  That may not be a good idea this time.

6.  Jay Aldous 7-1  is 50, so not many of these kids in front give him much of a chance, but he ran 3 100s this past fall, two right on 15 hours, the third in 13:52, a WORLD RECORD for old guys over 50,and I know he’s fit,and he likes to go out fast. After he paints his toenails, he claims it helps him run faster, we’ll see.

7.  Neal Lucas 10-1  is apparently real fast, but not so experienced at 100s, but who knows, he’s from the big state of Texas and is probably thinking about redeeming himself after the Bandera 100k.

8.  Brooks Williams 12-1  is also a speedy kid, and he’s capable of going low, so we’ll see how he does.  He plans on running through 50 in about 7-715.

9.  Scott Eppelman 16-1  is always consistent, so we know he’ll go under 19ish

10.  Andreas Falk 17-1 is coming all the way from Sweden and I’ve been training him for this….he’s the sleeper…


1. Liza Howard 1-2  will certainly have the bullseye on her back as well, and it will be smaller than Ian’s, it’ll be tough to hit.

2. Jill  Perry 4-1  ran two hundreds pretty close last year.  Oil Creek and Pinhoti, so she knows how to get it done, it’ll be tough to stay with Liza on her home turf though.

3-4. Melanie Fryar and Sabrina Moran, both 8-1 can expect to run for the last podium spot, but both still have a chance to take 2nd.  It should be an interesting day to say the least.

Keep in mind the Speedgoat 50k registration is open, the field is getting quick.  It’s now an International Sky Race, so along with Max King, Nick Clark, Ben Lewis and Tim Olson, it’ll be a speedy one for the 1000 bucks

Hokas should become available soon for those waiting for the Bondi B.  The Stinson Evo will be on the market in early March, hurry and get’em cuz’ as in the past, they sell quick, put the order in now.

And don’t forget, “Speedgoatkarl’s 100 blend” of fine coffee is always available at Jameson Coffee.  Order up, it’s great joe.