And you thought paying 275 bucks was alot to run a race….

December 30 2011, 8:58 am
“Americans who are not in the ‘NYRRC’ club will pay $255, while non-U.S. citizens will pay $347”.  I woke up this morning and was just disturbed reading this.
Kinda gives me the willies, could you imagine paying 300 bucks to run a 50k with real aid stations, big mountains, and more than just water stations.  We even get clean air at the 50k…..That one’s called the Speedgoat 50k, and it’s 86 bucks.  And… get alot more than a cheesy cotton t-shirt…good god!
Gotta appreciate the Ultra world….that’s all I gotta say on that.
Read more here on the NYC Marathon….although it might cost you a buck or two to log-in.
Stay tuned for the Bandera 100k,  “Speedgoat Odds”.  This year I”m gonna make a stout effort to post my mumbo jumbo on some of this year’s best races across the US.  That would be Ultras, not boring, flat, runs through the city…Man, that is just ridiculous. Way to milk the money NYC, you really are a great city?
Speedgoat 50k registration goes online January 1, 7am MST.  I think you’ll find this one more entertaining than the NYC Marathon.