Another day at the office

February 21 2012, 9:51 am

Once again, a bit behind in creating some masterful post.  This past weekend brought me to the Red Hot 50k down in Moab, Utah.   The competition here is usually pretty solid, this year was no different.  I had no real goals this time around, it being only two weeks after running 14:17 at the Rocky Raccoon 100, what could I expect here, maybe 4:45?  Seems as though the auto-pilot continues to work even at my ripe old age of 44.  I ended up 3rd in 4:19.43,  pretty close to my best time of 4:13 ish.  Kevin Koch won and Eric Bohn took second, Kevin ran around 4:11, I was too busy socializing to check the exact time.  I ran every step of the course, which was goal #1, it felt easy and I am encouraged heading into my next race, the Antelope Island 100 in 5 weeks.

On another fabulous note, my wife Cheryl keeps walking around the house saying,  6:37, 6:37. She PR’s by a huge number, I don’t even know by how many minutes or hours, but last time it was getting dark, it was nowhere near dark this time, congrats to her for training hard and seeing some real results.

Both of us are not even sore , nor were we sore the day after, or Monday, a pretty good testament to Ultragen, the best recovery drink on earth, and Hoka’s for taking all the shock of that nasty slickrock.

There has been talk of Killian Jornet coming to the Speedgoat 50k, he has mentioned it on his website, but he’s not entered yet.  Registration is about half full, and I’m getting a few per day, so keep checking back once in a while if you want to run a real mountain course with real competition.  Ultraspire, Hoka, Black Diamond, First Endurance, Ryders Eyewear, and Speedgoatkarl’s 100 mile blend will be donating some schwag, Patagonia will be the top of the line shirt, Drymax socks are coming back,  Treat Meso Well and Next Energy have helped with some prize purse and it’s now and International Sky Race!  What’s next?  I guess that’s coming next year, but come run it this year so you know what the race is about.

And what everyone has been waiting for…….is coming next week and I can assure you, it’s epic and entertaining!