Broken Arm Redemption

April 18 2012, 2:31 pm

So I’m gonna go run Zane Grey this weekend.   Looks to be a steamer, somewhere around 90 degrees.   There’s nothing like traversing below the Mogollon Rim near Payson, AZ.  No trail or race, that I can speak of, is any more technical than this one.  It is pure ugliness.  Just the way I like it.  Hopefully this year I won’t  come home with a broken arm.  No other race is quite like this one.

1.  Joe Grant,  Phenomenal technical runner, he should run away.  Hopefully he won’t run the wrong way, Zane Grey….everyone gets a little lost. 

2.  Speedgoat,  It’s the best possible course for me being so technical, I’m pretty sure I can run 8:30 ish if my foot doesn’t blow a gasket, but that’s another story. It might stop me in my tracks at mile 8,we’ll see. 

3.  Catlow Shipek,  I’ve heard alot about him, now’s his chance to show it.   🙂 

4.  Lon Freeman,  he’s the fastest on smooth stuff, but this one will eat him.

5.  Michael Carson, Ian Torrence and Sean Meissner fit to make top 5.

Not to mention, it being 90 degrees, we will see some real carnage, so anything can happen here.  


1.  Petra McDowell, if she’s fit, she’s the fastest on this terrain hands down.

2. Diana Finkel,  she kills it at Hardrock, and this one being ugly, it fits here style

3.  Jane Larkindale, will pick up any carnage, and depending on how she’s feeling she could win too. She lives in the heat, so the 90’s shouldn’t be a problem. 

4.  Deb Livingston, I don’t think she’s run here before.  (I could be wrong).   She a super strong runner from the east, but if it’s her first Zane Grey…everyone gets a little lost. 🙂  

5.  Andi Felton,  no idea…..sleeper to win it?  

Speedgoat 50k is getting close to full, time to press the button folks…..