Coyotes for breakfast, Antelope for dinner and Buffalo chili for dessert!

March 8 2011, 3:14 pm

The next few weeks should be interesting.  I’ve got 54 holes to play, 200 miles to race, and 1500 miles to drive.  Should make for an entertaining 2-3 weeks coming up. 

1st:  Drive to California, hook up with some friends and play some stick on what may be the most famous golf courses in the world, Pebble Beach, Spyglass, and Poppy Hills.  I’m really looking forward to this after recently shooting 75 twice….off the couch.  But it’s golf, enough said on that……

2nd:  From the stellar Monterey Peninsula, I”ll head south to engage in a 100 mile party, called Coyote Two Moons 100.  This race is a tough one with 28,000′ of climbing to deal with.  Hopefully the weather gods will cooperate.  Last year we had 8″ of snow on the top of Topa Topa, the highest point….it made for an interesting run to say the least.  I’ve also been practicing my bowling, one of the preliminary events that comes with C2M.  Rolled a 212 last night, so my game is on par their too.  But like golf….we’ll see.   The staggered start has me toeing the line with Retchmeister, Bronco and Mooman.  I’m certainly looking forward to running my second 100 this year with these guys…..good stuff.

3rd:  And only about 5 days after completing C2M, I”ll be back in Salt Lake City, sitting on the couch on my rapid recovery program so I can run with the Antelope and Buffalo out on the Great Salt Lake for my 3rd 100 this year.  This race, although not “technically” challenging, will be a challenge for me to finish, being so close to C2M.  I may say “100 miles is not that far”, but this one is likely gonna hurt.  Guess I’ll just put my head down and get er’ done. Big deal, it’s only gonna be about 18-30 hours….giving myself some breathing room there eh?

4th:  The Buffalo Chili of course…then I’ll drive home and get some sleep…for my next 100 in May.

Next post:  How to recover from 100s,  a first hand look awaits you!  I should be officially hammered after this.

We’re up to 115 or so registered for the Speedgoat 50k…..just my weekly or tri-weekly reminder! 🙂

2 spots left for coaching at this point.  Need some advice, I’m all ears.  Now go run!