Dan Vega wins Antelope Island, but a goat came close….and look at the odds at the Sonoma Lake 50 mile!

March 27 2011, 7:47 am

I’d like to say I finished two 100 milers in 6 days, but I can’t say that as the C2M Hurricane threw that plan out the window…but it felt like 2 100s. 

I have no official finish at C2M, so I’ll let that be.  My official finish at the Antelope Island Buffalo Run comes in as the first loser.  I ran 16:07, only 6 days after 78 miles and 24k of vert in So Cal.  I think it’s pretty hard to complain about running this fast on super sore legs.  The soreness began about 200 yards from the start line.  I expected it.  The mental challenge was what I was  looking for, and I found it.  Dan Vega was clearly on his game as he was easily the fastest guy out there this weekend, each time I closed, he just pushed a bit harder and put some time on me.  I was hoping to run 18 hours, that I did, and at least I came home “yuccaless”.

Lake Sonoma looks to be a real competitive race on Saturday, although up front, I think it’s fair to say we know what to expect.  Take a look below and throw in your two cents…

1. Geoff Roes  2-1.  His odds should probably be better than this, but there’s a few guys below him looking to pick up any pieces in case he gets yucca’d.  The bullseye on his back is large, one of these days he might lose one, but right now, I doubt it.

2. Dakota Jones 4-1.  Dakota mentioned his last few weeks have been his biggest training weeks ever.  I think this will hold him back…temporarily this year.  He may be just a bit tired, but look out later this year at Hardrock for him to thrive.

3.  Timmy Olson 5-1.  Tim just came off two solid runs at Way Too Cool and Chuckanut, if he can continue his strong running, he’ll be on podium.

4.  Hal Koerner 6-1.  I believe he holds the record here, and should be labled #1, but he told me himself, his record is a bit soft, and he’s been in South America at a movie star convention, he’s gotta be a little sleepy.  🙂

5.  Josh Brimhall 6-1.  Fast enough to be in it to win it if he hangs in there, kinda depends on how well he’s been running lately.  That I don’t really know.

6.  Leigh Schmitt 6-1.  Leigh Gets 6-1 also, cuz’ these three guys with 6-1 are all pretty equal in my book.

7.  Nathan Yanko  8-1.  Mystery man

8.  Peter Fain  11-1.  He’s run fast races in the past, but I haven’t seen his name pop up anywhere recently ( I don’t look too hard), but he’s got potential if he’s on his game.

9.  Topher Gaylord  12-1.  Perrenial top 10 finisher in just about every race he runs, he’ll do it again.

10.  Mark Richtman  13-1.  Once in a while he throws one down, if he does Saturday, he’ll run top 5.

Others: Mark Hartell, Dean Dobberteen, Paul Terranova, Tom Neilsen, and Craig Thornley who will probably be thinking about Western States and forget he’s running a different race. 🙂

The ladies:

1.  Amy Sproston  7-2.  Amy has been running exceptionally well the past 2 years and this race should be no exception, I think it’s her turn to start dominating.

2.  Krissy Moehl  4-1.  If she puts her game face on, look out, but sometimes she doesn’t and runs for fun, we’ll see.  I hope she gets her work done after Chuckanut and puts it on.

3.  Tracy Garneau  5-1.  Yah, I know, she should be on the top here as her Ultrarunner of the Year status will now be tested, but I think it’s too early in the season to see her beat the two above.

4.  Rory Bosio  6-1.  Haven’t seen her lately, but she’s quick.

5.  Meghan Arboghast  7-1.  Yah, she should be up top too, she was my pick for UROY last year, but I didn’t see her too close at Way Too cool, (she ran 3rd I think), so maybe her fitness level is just not there yet, but look out later this season.  She’s certainly one who could win this and shut me up.  🙂

6.  Caren Spore  8-1. She was right behind Meghan at WTC, enough said, she’s right behind her here too.

7.  Suzanna Bon  9-1.  She’s better at longer and tougher stuff, she comes in 7th.

8.  Kiera Henninger  10-1.  Mystery women.

9.  Meredith Terranova  12-1.  I don’t know Meredith, but Meredith if you read this…prove me wrong!

That’s about all I got for now, I’m gonna go hobble over to the couch, if I can get out of this chair!

Speedgoat 50k is now more than half full, keep checking back on a regular basis if you want to run, cuz’ it will eventually fill up, I guess a few people are a bit intimidated this early. 🙂

Oh yah, I shot 90 at Pebble Beach. When I play there a second time, look out Tiger…or any one of 2 million or more golfers better than I.  🙂