El Nino-0, and a peak at the moon!

March 8 2010, 9:40 pm

No other run on the planet is quite like the Coyote Two Moon 100.  150 crazy mountain runners get the opportunity to run 100 miles through the beautiful mountains of Ojai, California.  Our pre-race runs at Pt. Mugu state park began the fun.  Pt. Mugu is a cool place, views of the ocean on prime singletrack….a pretty nice place to go for a run after 11 straight hours at the wheel.

This years’ weather was typical for southern California…..rainy and snowing above about 4000′.  Yah, that’s right, my second 100 mile race in a few months in So. Cal in a snowstorm.  It rained and snowed most of the event, with the summit of Topa Topa catching about 5″ of new snow during the night of the race.   Crazy stuff, but this storm was a calm one, unlike the previous at the Chimera 100 where the winds topped 50 mph.  C2M was doable….and we even got a peak at the moon at about 4:00am.  The moon was bright, and one of the many reasons to come to this event.

It all starts early with the slowest runners starting first with 40 hours to get it done.  I started last with 22 hours to make the cut-off.  There was pressure, so I had to keep the throttle down.  I managed to keep the throttle down, although I’ll have to say, it wasn’t working as well with 15 miles to go.  I was still jogging…so I guess that’s acceptable.   The stats:

32 of 150 finished between both the 100k and 100 mile races!  That’s about a 21% finish rate….pretty low.  The beauty of it was, only one guy went over Topa Topa for a few hours, and still found his way back…no worries.

Fastest guy to cover the course in real time…Me, 21:05.  Second was Jared Campbell in 23:15 ish.  My guess is Betsy Nye was the fastest lady around 29:08 ish . That’s all I have on results.  The true results will be posted here, most likely Friday sometime,  after all of our boner and bonus minutes are added/subtracted from our overall times.

Best bowling score:  I don’t know 🙂

Best race: C2M, a killer course, in a class of it’s own.