Finally……..the luge video

March 28 2012, 9:10 am

Enjoy folks!   It’s taken a bit of time to make this one, but man oh man….time well spent!  Look to the right, it’s right there, and it ain’t goin’ nowhere for a while. 

Hugs and kisses to Tom Maartens of Pure Light Images for putting this vid together.  2 hours of video condensed into 5 minutes…..

Oh yah, I ran the Antelope Island 100 last weekend, notching my 32nd 100 mile win!  That’s 13 years in a row with at least one 100 mile victory.  Old news?  Yup,  on to the next one. Now go watch that video again, it never gets old.  

Speedgoat 50k now has less than 100 spots open. Better rally and get in, cuz’ it’ll close quick once we get close in a few weeks.

Get those Hokas here now, before they’re sold out again!

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