Hopwood makes it HURT for his First

January 21 2008, 3:46 pm

Paul Hopwood led early with a 3:46 first lap and never looked back to dominate in 2008. Although the winning time was not close to any record, the course came close to the record, wth only 21 official 100 mile finishers. 50 runners chose to bailout with 100k under their belt. Paul’s time of 27:17 was enough to edge out Geoff Hanson’s 28:52. My favorite Hartell “survived” at his first attempt in the jungle. Gordon Lau was the strongest finisher with his last two laps run solidly.

Suzanna Bon dominated the women’s crown with a respectable 31:56 edging out the legend Monica Scholz! It’s all over now and the stellar Dinner awaits…Kalua Pig, Sushi, and an array of Hawaiian fare are on the menu. PJ and John are preparing the heckling session…wish I could be there! Until next year! registration here!No mud, no jungle, bigger hills, bigger party! Do the math! -Speedgoat Karl