Last chance for the big dance

April 29 2010, 2:08 pm

Miwok 100K happens Saturday, the field is “pretty solid”. ūüôā

Here’s my picks:


1.¬†Anton Krupicka¬†5-2.¬† We all know if he has no¬†injury issues, he should be gone daddy gone.¬† He’s been training hard, comes from 8000′ ish and should be able to challenge Mac Daddy’s record if has his day in the sun.
2.¬† Gary Robbins¬† 3-1.¬† He should push Anton off the line, we’ll see if he challenges him, chances are he’ll hold on for 2nd and not be too concerned about winning, 2nd is probably all he’s looking for.
3.¬† Mike Wardian 4-1.¬† If he’s not over-raced, he’ll challenge for 2nd with Gary, he’s run pretty well on these trails at the North Face races in the past.¬†
4.¬† Hal Koerner¬† 5-1.¬† Great run at Lake Sonoma, he’s fit, but has no pressure to run up front, he’s already gonna dance at Squaw Valley anyway.¬† He’s the new Mr. Western.
5.¬† Dominic Grossman¬†6-1.¬† Ran pretty quick at American River, if he’s just starting to get the ball rolling, he’ll look to be closer up front.
6.¬† Nathan Yanko¬† 7-1.¬† I forgot Nathan, as I always forget someone, he slips in here, he wasn’t far behind Mr. Western at Sonoma, and won’t be too far behind him again!
7.¬† Rod Bein¬† 8-1.¬† Hmmmmm, could be his day, top 6 would be a strong showing, he’s got it in him.
8.¬† Lewis Taylor¬† 10-1.¬† He’s got the speed, but not sure if he can hold it for 62+ miles.¬† Better at 50k.
9.  Erik Skaden  10-1.  A little less speed than Taylor but more endurance, these two at 10-1 should duke it for the lucky 8 spot.
10.¬† Kevin Schilling¬† 13-1.¬† Always a mystery man, when he’s on his game….he’s quick.¬† Utah’s #1 representative
11.¬† Zach Gingerich¬† 15-1.¬† After bailing at the McNaughton 100 a few weeks ago tells me he’s a little tired.¬† He ran a stellar 13:23 100 at Umstead, but it’s flat too, the hills will likely break him down a bit.

The rest….in no particular order:

Tim Monaco, Thomas Reiss, Tracy Moore, Brett Rivers, Jean Pommier, Mark Richtman, Glen Redpath, Ray Sanchez, Chris Rennaker, Rob Evans, Topher Gaylord.


1. Kami Semick¬† 5-2.¬† It’s her home turf, but it won’t be easy, she’s been our “runner of the year” recently and this is the chance for her to prove she’s still the woman to beat.
2.¬† Anita Ortiz¬† 3-1.¬† She knows how these trails are and if she’s been working on that turnover she’ll be in to win, but like Koerner on the mens side, she’s already dancing at Squaw Valley, so she has no pressure to stay up front.
3.¬† Devon Crosby-Helms 7-2.¬† Her run at JFK last year almost beat all the men, so if she’s in good form, Kami will be challenged for the win.
4.¬† Darcy Africa 5-1.¬† On a good day she can hang with anyone, I’d love to see her nail it.
5.¬† Krissy Moehl 6-1.¬† Now that she’s just a pro runner, her training, hopefully has been going well.¬† She’s a better 100 mile runner, so she gets 5th here.
6.¬† Amy Sproston¬†8-1.¬† The east coast’s best shot at top 5.
7.¬† Helen Cospolich 10-1.¬† Another fast girl…..but just not fast enough on hardpack, she’s better when it’s not “roadlike”.
8.¬† Prudence L’huereux¬† 10-1.¬†Always a mystery to me, I never seem to predict her finish too well.
9.¬† Angela Shartel 15-1.¬† She was high on the ultrasignup list….she gets 9th.¬†

On another note:

I have decided to leave La Sportiva as one of my primary sponsors.  They were a great company and brand to run for, but I have now discovered a shoe that takes technical running above and beyond anything else out there. 

What are they? 

A small corner of¬†ultra world already knows after seeing me run¬†in them at¬† the Zane Grey 50 this past weekend.¬† For those who don’t, they are called HOKA ONEONE.¬† No other shoe rips through technical terrain like these, not even close….don’t be decieved.¬† They weigh 10.8 ounces, lighter than most…no, not the lightest, but close.
We’ve all read the book on how the indians run barefoot, which somewhat brought on the low profile designs, with minimalistic features, but none of these light shoes have protection, response, or stability as the HOKA’S!…none of them.¬† As I am not a salesman here, I only rave about something I really like.¬† These are so incredibly comfortable, it’s mindblowing.¬† Check em’ out.¬†¬† ¬† They’ll be available soon in the US.¬† The kicker…my pair¬†have over 600 miles on them and are going strong, what other shoe lasts that long?…none, at least as far as I know.
No, I didn’t finish the Zane Grey 50¬†this past weekend, so you won’t see my name on the results list…

What happened?

While running along at mile 40 with roughly a 40 minute lead and running strong, I came to one of many large downed trees.¬† While grabbing a branch with each hand, I proceeded to lift myself over it, then SNAP!, the left branch broke, I fell backwards and crushed my hand, breaking the head of the¬†radius and jamming it into my hand bones… wasn’t pretty.¬† I walked into the mile 44 aid station with a crooked hand and decided to go to the Payson hospital to get it x-rayed.¬† Still, eventual winner Scott Jaime had not caught up.¬† I estimate my time would have been in the 8:30 range.¬† Not close to the record, but a good run at the ugliest 50 mile in town.¬† The winning time was 9:40.

And lastly, the Speedgoat 50K is filling, the comp is getting stronger. Register now, but don’t plan on running a PR, it ain’t happenin’ here.