Miwok 100k coming Saturday!

May 3 2011, 3:11 pm

This week the Miwok 100k is set and primed to be fast, the field is stacked as usual.  I don’t think either Tony Krupicka or Geoff Roes will be running.  There names are on the list, but Tony hasn’t mentioned it as he normally would, and Geoff just ran a smooth 100 in Santa Barbara last weekend.  So, that being said, the rest of the best are below:

The men:

1.  Dave Mackey 3-2  He’s the record holder, and rarely loses at any race.  He just won American River a month ago and is likely in fine shape.  He knows the trails well here, so getting lost should not be an issue.  And, he”ll be in his Hoka Bondi B’s, I bet his legs won’t even hurt much when it’s over.

2.  Mike Wolfe 3-1  His fine showing at Way Too Cool proved he can run himself into shape quickly (after RR) and if he’s been training strong his smooth stride may surprise everyone, even Dave.

3.  Hal Koerner 4-1  If his feet are healed up from Zane Grey, he’ll be more at home here at Miwok.  Last year he Pr’d here, look for him to do it again.

4. Tim Olson 9-5  Tim has been running strong as of late, and has great shorter distance speed.  If he puts it together like he did at the Pine to Palm 100 mile last year, he could easily beat his boss.

5.  Yassine Diboun 6-1  He’s my sleeper to make the podium.  He ran 6:15 ish at the Rocky Raccoon 50. Although RR was a flat and fast course, he showed good speed and looked like he hadn’t even run anything when he finished.  Don’t fall asleep, he might catch you.

6.  Dakota Jones 7-1  His main goal, as far as I see it, is Hardrock.  He’s been a little tired lately, and bailed at Zane Grey.  Who knows, his 33 mile ZG effort may have done him good. He’s one guy that’s fast enough to run up front if he’s on his game. 

7.  Ian Sharman 8-1  I’m thinking Western States is gonna be his big one.  I believe he ran a 2:41 marathon last week at Big Sur (correct me if I’m wrong).  If he’s feeling good, maybe he can run the hills with the front. That, I am not sure about.  Tough call, this race will show alot.

8.  Scott Jaime 9-1  He should be further up this list, but I know his big dance is Western States this year, so he may be using this as a hard race/training run.  He also, could easily be near the front.

9.  Phil Kochik  12-1  Can he resurface strong?  We’ll find out soon.

10.  Dan Olmstead 13-1  Has the speed of everyone else, but doesn’t race this long too often, kind of a mystery man to me.

The others that could crack top 10:

Aaron Heidt, Nathan Yanko, Adam Campbell, Victor Ballesteros, Lewis Taylor, Dan Barger, Joel Lanz…..and probably 10 others I missed.

The ladies:

1.  Krissy Moehl 3-1  She just ran the Grand Canyon and the Red Mountain 50k, but she’s always bombproof, and noone else in the field stands out to me.  I’m giving her the nod.

2.  Meghan Arboghast 4-1  Almost took runner of the year last year, and was my vote.  We’ll see how she backs it up here.

3.  Helen Cospolich 5-1  A little better in the mountains, but still…..she could fight for the win this year if she feels good.  She’s always close, this one could be a good breakthrough for her.

4.  Suzanna Bon 7-1  Not enough speed to win, but will be in it for a podium shot.

5.  Darla Askew  8-1  Hasn’t won much, but always a good strong runner.  A podium finish could be in the cards for her this year.

6-7-8,  Pam Smith, Lisa Polliza, Jean Coulter.  I don’t know these women much, but I can bet one of them will prove me wrong.

That’s what I got for now, next week I’ll do odds for the Massannutten 100 I’ll be running, so I shouldn’t be too much of a slacker in writing a post. (like I’ve been lately)  🙂

The Speedgoat 50k is currently under 200″ of snow right now, but have no fear, the race is on, a buttslide in Little Cloud bowl is eminent, and I can guarantee it’s gonna fill up soon, so get on it, only about 75 spots left.