Now…….the season can begin!

April 18 2009, 8:25 am

Stay tuned for Monday’s post:  The Miwok odds are coming, and this year’s race is a barn burner for the last 3, Western States Track Meet qualifiers!

Watch the Boston Marathon LIVE right now!  (it’s 8:32 MST)  at this website:

Ryan Hall is pushing the pace, the 10k split was 29:30.  I can run 5 miles at that pace….maybe!

After shoveling almost 700″ of the “greatest snow on earth”, my tenure at Sugarplum condos and townhouses ended yesterday, (these condos are sweet and would be a great deal if you have a group running the Speedgoat 50k!).  Now I can start preparing for 7 100 mile mountain races.  It all starts with Massannutten on May 16th.  First I’ll hammer out the Bonneville Shoreline Marathon as a tune-up on April 25th.  While 165″ of snow sits on the ground at Snowbird and Alta, I’ll have to run at a lower elevation, but the hills are steep, and just as relentless as the higher stuff. 

I really think the Appalachian Trail helped me put down a huge base for this year.  Although I have run far less mileage as last year at this time, I have been running faster over my standard “bread and butter” routes.  Doing it with ease.  Two good races behind me.  My “Way Too Cool” finish didn’t look that impressive, but only because my right calf siezed at 23 miles and I had to slow down to make sure injury stayed out of the picture.  It did, and all is well.  

What’s the goal this year?  Only to win one 100 miler.  It would give me 10 years in a row with at least one 100 mile win.  I believe only Ann Trason can say that.  Unless Mr. Jurek can too.  I’m not sure about Scott, but it is certainly a possibility with his stellar 7 win streak at Western. 

Alot of cool races are starting now, and I’ll start doing some odds again, as I now have more time to spend in front of the screen, I’ve been a slacker again lately, but only because of the 230″ of dumpage we’ve recieved since March 22.  It was simply out of control shoveling almost 20″ daily….but again, it’s over now, so no excuses!

Western States is getting even more interesting as a few more super fast guys have qualified for the 2009 Auburn Track Meet.  Max King is certainly the leader with speed as his stellar performance at the Pear Blossom 10 mile CR was only a week after his win at the American River 50.  But Western is 100 miles, hopefully he’ll toe the start line and step into a different realm.   Miwok is the last qualifier, and a few others are trying to get in to WS.   Geoff Roes is hoping to qualify as well, he certainly has it in him to make it happen.  Scotty J would be a stellar addition,  (although, he should not have to qualify), He is Mr. Western!  I guess time will tell.  Miwok will likely be my next attempt at doing the odds. 

The Speedgoat 50k entrants list is creeping upwards, check it out.  Sign up if you want a real 50k challenge.  No PR’s at this race, only satisfaction of getting it done! 

Big hugs and kisses to La Sportiva and for supporting me and the Speedgoat race this year!  Our prize list includes killer stuff from La Sportiva, Nathan Packs, Drymax socks, First Endurance,  and Ryders Eyewear  along with a few goat legs for the fastest Billies and Nannies.   Not to mention a few other prizes we’ll muster up.  Along with this year’s prize list comes 100 bucks for the winners and 100 bucks to break a record.  Yah, it’s not much, but I’m poor and it’s coming from this kid’s pocket.  A C-note never hurts!