Rocky Raccoon odds

January 31 2011, 11:05 am

It’s been a while since I’ve done some odds on a race, but since I’m going and the field is fairly thick up front, we’ll take a crack at this one.   I know most in the field as friends, so it’ll be easy right?

What I know so far.

Ian Sharman,  12:44

Tony K, 13:16

Hal Koerner, 13:27


Bill Fanselow was coming, he’s done now, probably around 15:30 or less. 

Mike Wolfe was coming too, around 16 ish.

Liza Howard took the women’s record down to 15:33.

Jurek Dropped, Zach Dropped ( I think, but not sure)

That’s all I got now, full results will come later. 

The Men:

1.  Anton Krupicka  2-1.  It wouldn’t be right to put Anton anywhere else.  Apparently he’s been running strong, has run here before around 13:30.  That’s enough for me to give him the nod.  100 mile is not his “best” distance, but what really is his best distance?  He’ll be gone early, I just hope he doesn’t lap me.

2.  Scott Jurek  3-1.  The American Record holder for 24 hours, 7-time Track champion at WS and has been training in Boulder, CO at altitude.  He’ll pick up the pieces if Anton blows up.

3.  Zach Gingerich  4-1.  Zach ran around 13:25 at Umstead last year, proof to me he’s capable hanging up front.  Flat terrain speed is needed here, he’s got it and if he can stay away from being nervous on the start line, he’ll be in it till the end.

4.  Hal Koerner  5-1.  Hal sometimes kills it in races like this and training with all those fast guys is Ashland, OR, I’m sure he’ll go out with the front and hang for a long time….we’ll see how long.

5.  Mike Wolfe  6-1. Claims to be coming to RR to get his fat ass into shape.  So I threw him in here.  He’ll be pretty fast even with a few extra pounds on him…

6.  Speedgoat Karl 7-1.  Hard to put me up higher than this amongst this crowd, but who knows.  Not me.  After completing the Red Bull Human Express in late October, the ultimate base is good, but not really sure on the speed.  7.4 mph is my most efficient pace, so we’ll see if I can methodically pick away at the course and just cruise to the finish.  That’s the plan anyway.  And now I don’t have to conceal my headphones, so at least it’ll be enjoyable.  This is my only crack at RR, so I’ll give it my best.  In the future, headphones will be banned, banning me. 🙂

7.  Michael Arnstein  8-1.  He ran 2nd at JFK a few years ago, and has great speed, but will he last?  We’ll see.  I expect him to run near the front early and hang as long as he can

8.  Hiroki Ishikawa  9-1.  He’s the only guy missed on the seeding from RD Joe Prusaitis.  Hiroki is a Japanese hero.  I ran with Hiroki in Hong Kong in 2004.  He’s got it in him if he wants it bad enough.

9.  Bill Fanselow  12-1.  Some inside info from Boulder gives Bill #8.  I’ve heard he’s fit now and looking to shake it up as a mystery man.

10.  Ian Sharman  13-1.  I don’t know Ian, but know he’s pretty quick, so he’s gets 9th position. 

11.  Paul Hopwood  15-1.  Not the speediest in the group and recently finished 2nd at the HURT 100 a few weeks back. If he bring enough energy from that one, he’ll be strong to the end and surprise a few.

11.  James Brennan  17-1.  My sleeper for running top 10.  He’s pretty fit right now, and it’s his first 100, but he’s got a good coach

The Women:

1.  Liza Howard  3-1.  This is tough pick. The fast girl below has alot more experience and excels at long runs like this, but Liza has run sub 16 here, she gets the nod from me.  And she’s from Texas, that doesn’t hurt either.

2.  Connie Gardiner  7-2.  Textbook runner and she’ll put pressure on Liza.  The women’s race for the win could be better than the mens….but only if Super Tony runs away.

3.  Jill Perry  8-1.  Surely a podium spot in my book, but not quite fast enough to win with these two girls in front.

4.  Brenda Carawan  13-1.  I don’t know Brenda, only going on what the RD has her seeded at, that’s #4.

Those are the picks for this week’s speedy 100.  Pretty competitive one for February, but I’m sure this is really just a training run for most of us.  It is for me.  I still have 7 100s to follow after this!  Time to put our head down and run, but not bump into anyone on the packed trails.  Hope my tunes aren’t cranked too loud…..

Speedgoat 50k is still open.  We’ve just recieved 5 entries from Japan….how cool is that?  The Speedgoat in the future will become the de facto 50k in a few years.  More prize money and a real mountain course.  It puts those USATF “championship” races to shame…..

I better go run now, my ass is getting sore from sitting for so long.