Speedgoat 50k almost full!

June 9 2011, 7:30 am

Only 3 spots remain for a chance to run the toughest 50k in town.  Only 11,693′ of vertical gain to entertain you.  Some snow, some rocks, some really ugly trail is all we need for a full day’s work.  Expect the course to have some snow, but don’t expect it to change because of it.  Many areas at Snowbird where the snow sits late in the season are not on the route.  With the exception of the “Bookends Climb”, and “Little Cloud Buttslide”, the course should…….and I say “should”, melt out.  If it does not melt out, you’ll be slipping and sliding more, and I’ll be even more entertained with the carnage. 🙂

Hugs and kisses to First Endurance for sponsoring our event.  Our primary fuel source will consist of First Endurance EFS drink at aid stations,  Red Bull to pump you up, and then close it with a  healthy dose of First Endurance Ultragen recovery drink at the finish line.  How many races have a recovery drink that actually tastes good when the pain is over?  Not many, we are one of the few.  big thanks to FE for supporting my race the past 5 years.   Hit the link and check out the products FE offers.  Ever heard of rocket fuel?  EFS is just that. And you’re gonna need it.

With only 11 spots left, you better hurry up and enter.  Hit this link to check out race info. Please read info on the race page though, so you know what you are gettin’ in to.  Here’s a link to the snow reports at Snowbird, yup, we might have to dodge a few skiers…’s deep up there.  Note the “mid mountain depth at about 9600“.  It’s only 159 inches as of June 10.  yikes!  Most of the Speedgoat race is above 9600′.

With my website obviously still under construction, bear with me as I create my own ideas.  With the help of Widsix and John Roope, I’ll have it dialed in eventually.  I guess I just need time to run too.

On another note, my plan is/was to run the San Juan Solstice 50 mile on June 18.  This was to be treated specifically as a “training run”.  I have never seen the continental divide section, so I decided to enter so I could get a good view of the San Juans from another angle.  It looks like the course, like many others this year may change.  If it does, I won’t head to Lake City.  Not in any sort of protest or anything, I am sure the RD will make the correct decision.   Water is flowing extremely high and could be fatal if something random happens.  My goal was to go see the original course and have fun.  I’m not a fan of dirt roads when all the fun stuff is up above.  All in all, I think it may be a sign for me to just keep training for the Superbowl…..I have “young money” to deal with, along with many other fast folks.

After this weekend passes, expect me to post some odds on the track meet in California.  It’s gonna be a barnburner for sure, and very hard to pick the winners….we’ll see.

That’s all I got for now,  gotta run…..