Speedgoatkarls’ 100 Mile Blend…

November 1 2011, 8:16 am

is now available online, and in Salt Lake City at Wasatch Running Center.  So, on your next visit to WRC  (9400 south, State street),  pick up some Hokas and go home with a bag of fine coffee beans.   If you are not local, you can find the beans at Jameson Coffee online.  Hit this link and start grinding.  Should be a great stocking stuffer as well.  


More to come on the discussion of the Speedgoat 100, but in the meantime, if the race were in Steamboat, CO in September, would you run it there?  Steamboat offers a sweet ski town, glowing aspen trees in the fall, and a cool atmosphere at the race’s end?  What’ya think, is it worth the 5 hour drive?  It would not be a “Speedgoat” race.  No race really is, but it could attract all the fast guys and gals with a potential prize purse over $50,000.  Although a prize purse does not matter to most, the course would be set up so ALL runners,while running the 100 themselves would see the leaders and watch the race evolve.  It could be very cool, if the FS give the ultimate permission….which is currently on their table right now.  The Steamboat 100 would have a total climb of about 17,000′.  Half of what the Speedgoat 100 would be.  What’s more enticing, more vertical pain?  or a faster, easier course? 

In the meantime, the Speedgoat 50k race date will be known very soon, as my connection at Snowbird makes his way back from a hiatus in the desert this past two weeks.  A much needed vacation I’m sure, after 7 weeks of Octoberfest at the Bird.

What am I doing?  I”m headed down south to the Pinhoti 100 this weekend to try and snag my 31st 100 mile win.  Competition-wise, I see a few guys that can  hang on a good day, so it’ll be interesting up front for a while.  I’ve run here once before and found the course to be to my liking.  I like to run in the woods.  This race is in the woods, all the way. 86% singletrack, 10% fireroads, and a bit of pavement to connect em’.  It is very well organized to boot. Todd Henderson, the RD does a great  job marking and has great aid station personnel.   Time to go get me some grits…..Then I hope to find myself in San Francisco if I can wiggle my way in.  Not really sure about that yet.  If not, you can expect the Luge run to be that much more epic early season.

     Go get some beans and brew it up!  I need some nest egg money.  🙂