The Miwok odds and the last 3 spots…for the big track meet at Squaw Valley.

April 27 2009, 9:45 am

Dave Mackey’s record should remain a tall order, but the race to win will be tight as always.

Full Results here

The Men:

Scott Jurek  2-1.  Let’s put a little pressure on Scott and give him the nod.  He may not be racing this one to win, (maybe he is) He is sure to be in the mix as the race progresses.
Geoff Roes  5-2.  His performance at the North Face 50 in December on the same trails proves he can run up front.  He wasn’t 100% that day either, and he wants in at Western.
Eric Grossman  3-1.  He’s fast on hills and flats, so this course should suit him well, his long loping stride that I witnessed (for a few minutes) at Cool was a good indicator he’ll be in it running for the win.
Todd Braje  4-1.  His 5:30ish 50 mile was the fastest in recent history, not too long ago.  If he’s still got that energy, he may just run away with it from the start.
Phil Kochik  5-1.  He’s run here many times and always near the front.  He’s a little erratic though, so I see him either running 5th or winning the thing.
Other guys in the mix, but not out front:  Matt Lonergan, Erik Skaden, Scott Jaime, Graham Cooper, Brian Morrison, Mark Lantz, Mark Hartell, Jean Pommier……and maybe a few I missed as well.

 The Ladies:

Kami Semick  2-1.  Her performance on her home turf last year at the NF 50 was stellar and should be no different this week.  She knows it and owns it, and should win by a comfy margin.
Joelle Vaught  4-1.  She’s fast and just a little bit faster than Anita on smooth terrain, so she gets the nod for first loser…….in the women’s race.
Caitlin Smith  9-5.  Caitlin has proved to be super fast in shorter races, but this is a bit new for her.  I’ll call her the sleeper.  If she manages her run well, she’ll be in it to win it and surprise a few…..then she can take a crack at 100 miles.
Anita Ortiz  5-1.  Not enough leg speed to run to win, but hills are her friend and she’ll be no further back than third.
Prudence L’Heuruex.  7-1.  She’s a little erratic, but has it in her to crack the top 3, but needs a great day to beat the three in front of her.
Suzanna Bon  8-1.  I’m thinking this is not necessarily her type of course but she’s sneaky and may just squeeze out a third.
Rob Lang calls in Nicola Gildersleeve as a darkhorse from our neighbor to the north!  🙂

Needless to say the race will be fun to watch, and running at the front will be stressful for those trying to make the start line at Squaw.  Scott has no pressure on him, he’s in this for the fun of it.  Sometimes with no pressure we run better.  I am a classic example of that! 

For the right shoe, check out my user profile at  This course is smooth and hilly, so the lighter the better!

It freakin’ snowed big again at Alta, making the Speedgoat 50k course buried even deeper, but have faith, it’ll melt…….at least most of it.  Check back soon for good deals at Snowbird for the Speedgoat race.

I just ran the Bonneville Marathon, a muddy, singletrack marathon here in SLC.  I went to break my previous CR and came up 6 minutes tall, breaking it by almost 6 minutes.  The 6500′ of climb was no match for goat legs.  I am finally feeling like I am back in solid form for my assault on 7, 100s this summer.  3:47.52 was the time, that one should hold for a while! 

Now go run!