The Wings for Life World Run is cool

November 20 2013, 4:38 pm

Check it out folks, the Wings for Life World Run is coming in May.  What is this?  Think about a race that happens globally in 38 locations on 6 continents!  Everyone starts at the same time. Some at 7am, some at 10pm all around the world.  The real catch is the “catcher car”.  The gun goes off, the “catcher car” gives us a half hour head start.  Once the car catches you…you’re out. Who wins?  Spinal Cord Research.  100% of proceeds go directly to Spinal Cord Research.  Join me in Denver on May 4 at 4am.  See how long you last!

How about that two posts in two weeks from Speedgoat Karl.   Check out my Speedgoat odds, coming on Monday morning.  The race:  The North Face 50 on December 7th.  I’ll be handicapping the top 20 men and women.  The field is super stacked and competitive for the $10,000 prize. I may just have to make the trip and watch the race unfold.

Last note.   Speedgoat Karl’s 100 mile blend is a great stocking stuffer, hit the link and go grab some joe!

The very last note.  Speedgoat 50k registration opens on January 1, expect it to fill rapidly.  420 lucky folks get to run the most exciting 50k in the US.