Thru-hike records….under the radar!…and some scary odds at the Javelina Jundred full moon gathering.

November 10 2008, 1:09 pm

First, let’s take a look back at the Appalachian Trail Speed Hike.

While I was negotiating the nasty rocks in Pennsylvania, I came upon the Whereskarl RV to refuel.  I can’t remember exactly where in PA, but it was somewhere in the long green tunnel. Billy Simpson was feeding another thru-hiker with some trail magic.  His name was Brian Doble.  He was hanging with Billy, chowing down and talking about the AT.  Brian started at Springer Mountain down in Georgia, I figured he was heading to Kathadin and just got lucky to score some feed from us, (we gave away lots of trail magic to thru-hikers).  I mentioned to Billy how it would be nice to have poles for a while as my chest was very sore from a crash I had earlier ( I crashed on my sternum and was unable to run at that point).  Brian handed me his super light poles,(they weighed 4 oz each) and told me to just drop them if I didn’t want them, he would get them later….but wait a minute, he started at Springer, south from here.  Brian was Yoyoing the AT, he had already been to Kathadin, he was on his way BACK to Georgia. Brian was self-supported, his pack with 4 days of food weighed a mere 14 pounds.  Talking about going light!  Brian made it to Kathadin in 99 days with TEN “0” days due to an injury.  I know the feeling!  When he turned around, he started speedhiking about 25-30 a day.  Tough in NH and Maine, but once the trail turned smooth, he was easily making these miles.  We were near Duncannon, PA, and I was walking with Brian for a while until I stopped to water a nearby tree.  Brian kept walking, I told him I would catch up.  I lost the trail soon thereafter at one of the very few  areas where the blazes were messed up, I lost about 25 minutes.  I arrived at the RV only to see Brian chowing again with Billy.  Trail Angel Mary had arrived with some trail magic of her own…A huge crockpot of Pasta Carbonara, we both inhaled it!.  We stopped here for the night.  Brian was offered a spot to sleep in the RV, but slept outside on the ground like he had been doing during his whole adventure, under his space blanket.  After my 5am start, I was now ahead, I never saw him again.  His goal was to reach Springer Mt. in about 85 days (from Kathadin) at the pace he was going.  Maybe I inspired him to go faster!  His “unsupported” hike from Kathadin ended up being 75 days.  174 days and he was back to Springer Mt to pick up his car and drive home.   Brian averaged a 65 day pace the last 1300 miles, needless to say he saved the best miles for the last 30% of his hike. 

Brian Yo Yo’ed the AT in 174 days!!!!  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I would imagine, that’s the yoyo record!!

So much for a single direction thru-hike, he took this to another level…and under the radar!!!   I shall deem his trail name as YO-YO!!  Next year he’s got some ideas up his sleeve.  Keep an eye out for his name!!

This is simply an incredible performance…and he wasn’t even really trying to make that happen.  I just thought I would share that with everyone. 

On another note:

The Javelina Jundred is Saturday!  The washing machine loop in the desert.  Here’s my odds:

The Men

Jorge Pacheco  7-2.  Jorge brings experience to Javelina, but has to keep cool early and not go out too fast, he has a tendancy to do so, last year he had my record beat, but fell short at the end.  Still his 15:49 is fast and he’ll be chasing that.
Todd Braje  9-2.  Depends on how Jorge and Todd start out.  These two could beat each other up early and leave the spot open for the next guy, but it should be these two in the front.
Josh Nordell  8-1.  He’s a shoe-in for 3rd, unless…again…the other two beat each other up, and he slips in for the win.
Neil Olsen, Jeff Riley, Craig Thornley, and Todd Ragsdale will be lurking in the moonlight if the others get spooked!

The ladies

Michelle Barton 3-1. She’s run it before…a few times… and is no rookie on the washing maching looper.  Her big smile and cool Moeben Sleeves should be the first across the line.
Jamie Donaldson  4-1.  Jamie has had a stellar season and if she’s recovered from Korea, she’ll have a chance to win 3 100+ mile races in a year, putting her close to the top of the Speedgoat of the Year voting.
I missed a few runners and have added them to the odds, now the ladies race should be good, as long as they don’t beat each other up like the men.  It’ll be fun to watch!

Let’s not forget the Ultracentric 24 hour run is also going on this weekend, I can’t do odds cuz’ there is no runners list, but if history repeats itself, it’ll be very competitive for the richest prize purse for a looper course.   The North Face 50 may be taking over for the richest purse.  Nice to see it’s at a trail run!!!

As long trail records seem to be the Ultra of choice for a select few, keep an eye on Brian, something tells me everyone will know him soon!