Transvulcania Curse?

May 11 2012, 7:04 am

Well, the boys and girls are all a few hours from toe-ing the line with some of the best trail runners on earth.  Will the curse of Americans continue, running anywhere off our own soil?  I doubt it,but it still remains to be seen.  It’s only 50 miles ish, so we won’t see drops, too short for that.  

Check out Bryon Powells’ yack on who’s running here.  He’s got all the lowdown….well at least most of it.  He’s over there too, so we can get that twitter feed thing.  This one is gonna be a burner,  just like the Speedgoat 50k in July…..which happens to have only 20 ish spots left.  Better get on it. 

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