Way Too Cool…The Speedgoat Odds are in!

March 5 2008, 3:36 pm

This race will hands down be the most competitive 50k so far this year with at least 4 runners with the ability to go under 3:30 on the rolling singletrack. Ulli Steidl’s record will remain safe at 3:18+, (in my opinion) but the Cool Champion will be close. I predict a 3:24.20 for the men! And a slick 4:01.18 for the women, narrowly missing Ann Trason’s record.Trason’s 3:59 could be in danger!

Mens Race

Matt Carpenter 5-2. He is the man, but his hands are full
Galen Burrell 4-1. Sub 4 at Pikes Peak Multiple times
Erik Skaggs4-1. 50k is his distance, and has the speed to compete
Rich Hanna 5-1. Former WTC record holder at 3:31 ish,fast marathoner
Bradley Mongold 7-1.Narrowly missed record last month at Holiday Lake
Lewis Taylor 8-1. Won it last year in 3:41
Scott Jurek 8-1. 3:30 potential but not a focus race
Eric Grossman 9-1. Has the speed to go under 3:40, rarely has a bad day
Hal Koerner 10-1. If he feels good, he can hang with the best of em’
Erik Skaden 10-1. Experience on these trails keeps him in the top 10
Dan Olmstead 12-1. Fast McKenzie River last year puts him in the mix
Jeremy Redding 13-1. Kind of a mystery man, my mystery pick
Thomas Reiss 15-1. Great season last year with 4 wins and fast times
And the rest of the men:Scott Wolfe, Jed Tukman, Ian Torrence, Sean Meissner, Guillermo Medina, AJW, Scott Jaime, Graham Cooper, Jeff Browning, Alan Abbs.
Western States doesn’t have a field this tight!
Womens Race:
Susannah Beck3-1. Very convincing win in Moab in February, sick speed!
Nikki Kimball 4-1. She’ll hang with Suzanna but turnover will prevail
Beverly Abbs 6-1. Not quite enough speed but won’t be far behind
Annette Bednosky 7-1. Sneaky fast, less than 12 minutes back
Joelle Vaught 12-1. Speedgoat 50kstar, but no mountains here
Helen Cospolich 13-1. Another great climber, Goat Hill isn’t enough
Meghan Arboghast 20-1. Needs the rest to crash hard
Caren Spore 20-1. Needs the rest to crash hard
Jenny Capel 20-1. Ditto
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