What’s Next?

May 28 2009, 10:33 am

The Bighorn 100 starts June 19th.  Am I recovered from Massannutten?  Absolutely!  I feel as though I didn’t even run in Virginia a week and a half ago……scary! 

Why am I recovered already?…….because I’m a mutant?  or is it the multiple scoops of Ultragen I consume after every run.  I’ll call it the Ultragen.  Not to mention I have a great coach…..myself!  🙂

Last Friday I was summoned to fill in for Missy Berkel at the Pocatello 50 mile relay.  I was called on my way up to Pocatello where my wife Cheryl was also participating in the 50 mile relay division.  So I said why not?,  What’s another 17 miler?  I ran it with intentions of just having fun. It certainly was fun.  Cruising along on prime Pocatello singletrack comfortably at 10.5 mph had me feeling pretty good.  I won the first leg by 5 minutes.   Recovered from Massannutten……I think so!  Bighorn will be the real test…..then of course the beast of all beasts, The Hardrock 100 follows three weeks later!

Now it’s time to check out and  Backcountry has now added cycling to there already huge inventory, great discounts at random times and only top-flight gear for the real athlete……..that’s all of us!

The Speedgoat 50k has only 6 weeks to go till entries are closed, so time to suck it up and run/hike the toughest 50k on earth, covered by the greatest snow on earth.  That’s right, it’s still buried up in Little Cottonwood Canyon.  Perhaps I should start shoveling the course now to get it ready.  We still need volunteers for the big dance, so if anyone out there is interested in watching some carnage, come help us out.  It’s a great race to be a spectator!

I continue to review gear, not to mention others out there doing reviews for, so check it out if you need anything, but only the good stuff, cuz’ they don’t sell junk.