14 for 14

April 6 2009, 11:11 am

OK, so I have been pretty much of a slacker in terms of posting info about anything……..why?

In simple terms:  Alta, Utah has recieved a whopping 170″ of snow since March 22…..are you kidding you say?  No, not kidding, check out and click on snow reports to see actual daily snowfall.  Needless to say, I’ve been shoveling, burrowing and digging snow tunnels for the past two weeks.  The base at Alta today was 171″ on the ground…..that’s deep enough to safely say the Speedgoat 50k will have some snow on the course.   Perhaps a few glissading sections to make it easier!

Sunday, Cheryl and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary with a huge dose of 30″ of fresh Pow!  Not a bad way to spend an anniversary.  Tomorrow, I’ll go golfing…….only in Utah.

While I’ve been away from the screen, I’ve managed to run about 50 miles a week in the slop, slush, and driving snow.  It’s only gonna make me tougher when the sun finally shows it’s happy side.   The Massannutten 100 is next on my “race” list.  But before that I’ll run the local Bonneville Marathon here in Salt Lake.  A simple little marathon with only 6400′ of climb.  It’ll be my last long run before Nutten’ on May 16th.

It’s freakin’ deep, this year’s total so far: 615″ of the greatest snow on earth, eat you’re heart out Colorado!