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Miwok 100K happens Saturday, the field is “pretty solid”. Here’s my picks: THE MEN 1. Anton Krupicka 5-2.  We all know if he has no injury issues, he should be gone daddy gone.  He’s been training hard, comes from 8000′ ish and should be able to challenge Mac Daddy’s record if has his day in the sun. 2.  Gary Robbins  3-1.  He should push Anton off the line, we’ll see if he challenges him, chances are he’ll hold on for 2nd and not be too concerned about winning, 2nd is probably all he’s looking for. 3.  Mike Wardian 4-1.  If he’s not over-raced, he’ll challenge for 2nd with Gary, he’s run pretty well on these trails at the North Face races in the past.  4.  Hal Koerner  5-1.  Great run at Lake Sonoma, he’s fit, but has no pressure to run up front, he’s already gonna dance at Squaw Valley anyway.  He’s the [...]

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Devon Crosby-Helms killed it for the women, breaking Ann Lundlbad’s record by a scant 21 seconds!!! She must have been thinking about that for the last 10 miles!   1 Gregory Crowther    36   1/212  M SEATTLE      5:50:13  7:01    2 Michael Arnstein    32   2/212  M NEW YORK      5:50:58  7:02    3 Matt Woods          30   3/212  M FALLS CHUR    5:54:10  7:05    4 Hal Koerner         33   4/212  M ASHLAND       6:05:02  7:19    5 Chad Ricklefs       42   1/298  M BOULDER       6:06:51  7:21    6 Matthew Lavine      35   5/212  M CRYSTAL LA   6:08:17  7:22    7 Oz Pearlman         37   6/212  M NEW YORK     6:09:39  7:24    8 Ben Ingram          32   7/212  M BALTIMORE    6:21:45  7:39    9 Jon Lawler          46   2/298  M KNOXVILLE     6:24:20  7:42   10 Devon Crosby-Helms  27   1/37   F SAUSALITO     6:29:21  7:48   11 Scott Jurek         36   8/212  M SEATTLE       6:31:12  7:50   12 Josh Brimhall       34   9/212  M HENDERSON     6:32:13  7:51   13 Andrew Mason        37  10/212  M HAGERSTOWN    6:34:36  7:54  [...]

scream web studios | Websites como deven ser

Well, the plan was to run the North Face 50 in San Francisco.  Due to a weak webpage and updated runners list,  I didn’t get the invitation or money in, in time.  So I bagged it.  I don’t feel I am qualified to compete for the $$ anyway, so I decided I’d go run another 100 miles to get rid of this nagging periformis issue I’ve been having.   The one thing I’ll be missing is chasing the front of the women’s race in the Marin Headlands…..not to mention the original plan was to go visit some good friends in Ashland before the race.  That’ll have to wait for another road trip. So another 100?  Why not?  I feel fine, other than the periformis.  The periformis hurt before the Pinhoti 100 two weeks ago, only to go numb by mile 40. It stayed numb until the following Wednesday. Funny how running a [...]