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May 16th the Massannutten 100 will start with one of the best fields to date.  No, it’s not Western, but a better course and a fun ride nonetheless. Watch for live updates here The Men: Speedgoat Karl  5-2. I have to put pressure on myself to perform well, I’m in great shape, know the course well and plan on ripping one off to make it ten years in a row with at least one 100 mile win.  I’m slightly handicapped this year, but that won’t be revealed till I hit the start line.  It has nothing to do with running without crew or those silly pacers!  (no offense to pacers, just yacking).  Bring it on "Stonewall"!  I also have some incentive to bring home a case of 100 mile wins. Todd Walker  4-1. Todd’s experience here will help alot when the course gets ugly in the later stages.  This is a [...]