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This is the last chance to gain entry into the Western States Track Meet. So how about we throw some odds for this years race: Mens Race: Dave Mackey 3-1. Mac Daddy doesn’t run too many ultras, but usually comes in ready to fly, perhaps he’s looking at the WS 100 in June? He said he’d never run another 100! Scott Jurek 4-1. Scott knows how to win, and if he’s ready, he’ll be on Dave’s heels from the start. Hal Koerner 7-1. If he’s fit, he’s in it for sure, he may have some issues now, so really he’s the mystery man, he may stay in Oregon at Rogue Valley Runners. Erik Skaden 7-1. Erik has certainly proven he’s ready to race with the big boys, he’s already in Western so the pressure is off of him, but I’d love to see him win it! Thomas Reiss 8-1. Flies [...]