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See what a little cash purse brings……. I’ve decided not to do “odds”, but to rather just make my picks for this year’s North Face 50.  With the worldwide talent, it’s gonna be a tough one.  I had some help with names from Bryon Powell at irunfar.  I let him do all the research, I’ll just make the picks.  I haven’t seen a good women’s list, so it’s tough for me to “guess” what’ll happen there.  Although I’m sure it’ll be tight for the 10 grand!   I’ll post if I find the correct list.   Bryon?   help?  So here it goes: 1.  Anton Krupicka.  Healthy Tony=very fast!  Unfortunately for all of us, Tony won’t be running. 2. Geoff Roes.  Must stay close to Tony, and he will, but his best distance is 100 miles. The kicker here is that he and Tony are pretty much running for “Ultrarunner of the Year” [...]

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First off, this is a tough one.  There are so many solid runners in this race, it could go to any of the top 10 I have listed below.   I like to think experience will play a role in who takes home the cake! The men: Ulli Stiedl 5-2.   No doubt  Ulli is the fastest in the field when it comes to turnover.  The man runs like a gazelle.  He’s the only guy in the field this year that’s gone under 7 hours, won the innaugural and was a close second last year….he gets the nod from me again. Dave Mackey 3-1.  Dave will take the place of Carpenter this year and stay right on Ulli’s heals if he’s not ahead of him to begin with.  Dave’s incredible 7:51 at Miwok this year tells all of us he’s got it down at Marin and won’t lose the trail.   He’s the man to [...]

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Well, the plan was to run the North Face 50 in San Francisco.  Due to a weak webpage and updated runners list,  I didn’t get the invitation or money in, in time.  So I bagged it.  I don’t feel I am qualified to compete for the $$ anyway, so I decided I’d go run another 100 miles to get rid of this nagging periformis issue I’ve been having.   The one thing I’ll be missing is chasing the front of the women’s race in the Marin Headlands…..not to mention the original plan was to go visit some good friends in Ashland before the race.  That’ll have to wait for another road trip. So another 100?  Why not?  I feel fine, other than the periformis.  The periformis hurt before the Pinhoti 100 two weeks ago, only to go numb by mile 40. It stayed numb until the following Wednesday. Funny how running a [...]