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May 16th the Massannutten 100 will start with one of the best fields to date.  No, it’s not Western, but a better course and a fun ride nonetheless. Watch for live updates here The Men: Speedgoat Karl  5-2. I have to put pressure on myself to perform well, I’m in great shape, know the course well and plan on ripping one off to make it ten years in a row with at least one 100 mile win.  I’m slightly handicapped this year, but that won’t be revealed till I hit the start line.  It has nothing to do with running without crew or those silly pacers!  (no offense to pacers, just yacking).  Bring it on "Stonewall"!  I also have some incentive to bring home a case of 100 mile wins. Todd Walker  4-1. Todd’s experience here will help alot when the course gets ugly in the later stages.  This is a [...]

scream web studios | Websites como deven ser

Now that Kyle is asleep…………….. Let’s sit back and watch Diana Finkel finish tough, and give Krissy’s record a shot! I don’t think she’ll get it by 3 freakin’ hours but she’s got a chance to take home the cake, unless Kyle already ate that too! Congrats Kyle, you are the man now! And after briefly looking at Kyle’s split from Cunningham, the record is soft as his split from that last aid station is NOT the fastest (nor was mine)…..of course Kyle was likely barefoot as he “blew out his shoes”. Grouse Gulch Aid #8 I guess the race is for 2nd, and it’s a good one, this could be the year more than 3 break 30. Jared, Scott and Glenn have a good run at sub 28! Diana Finkel still rolling, showing that altitude is not a factor, she too, has a chance at taking Krissy’s record down [...]