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 ONLY 4 SPOTS LEFT FOR A CHANCE TO RUN THE SPEEDGOAT 50K, register now! A few questions have been recently asked about my new Hoka runnin’ shoes. “Why would I buy shoes that Karl crashed in at Zane Grey?” “Did Karl crash because the Hoka’s have a higher base?” “Did the shoes make Karl stumble?” Like everything else these days…speculation comes up.  Some think I supermanned the fall after stumbling, some think the shoes caused me to crash.  Guess what?  wrong again!  I figured I’d clarify the incident to back up my enthusiasm over a simple pair of shoes. Here it goes: While running at Zane Grey on April 24, I managed to crash hard and break my left Radius bone.  How did this happen?  While leading the race comfortably and just starting to get into my “autopilot zone” at mile 40ish, I came upon a huge dead tree.  One that [...]

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Hard to say what’s gonna happen this weekend in regards to me running the Jemez 50 mile.  I’ve been officially cleared to run if I want…that’s pretty cool only 4 weeks after a broken wing at Zane Grey.  Will I “race”?  No, not likely, the risk factor is still there if I crash….I tend to take a few risks running downhill.  It would be safer if I just ran it as a good training run for Hardrock, somewhere in the 10 hour range.  I won’t decide till Friday.  I will be there regardless as my wife Cheryl is running the 50k.  I would love to be in the mix with the large handful of fast kids running, but with age comes wisdom……..and Hardrock is far more important to me. So I entered the Pocatello 50 one week later, to give the arm an extra week….probably smart.  I’ve been running for [...]